BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

Wait, what?!


Have you a tan of the spray? Or are you just bridge and tunnel because living in NYC is cost prohibitive?

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These reminds me of a quote from another thread. I think you know what I am talking about.

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I’m actually closer to Philadelphia :joy:

I have a suspicion Paul or Sam may find the quote in question…

Fair enough. Don’t know why I thought otherwise, but eat well.

I may or may not have been referencing the post in question.


There is no such thing as leftist, or right wing it any other b*llshit jargon that gets thrown about. Those concepts are created, purported to mean ____, and maintained by a culture of incompetence. It’s all just another excuse to self segregate and discriminate.

I see this common denominator among all the sides of all parties… It’s a desire for opposition… For a scapegoat, for a catch-all blame bucket… And that simpler explanation of the “real issues” is this core logic tribalistic mentality desperately clings to.

If you are too weak minded to accept that the world is complex and not the fault of anything approaching a responsible party then IMO you shouldn’t be allowed to vote (or reproduce)… But you don’t see me trying to sterilize or take the rights from 99.99% of America…

So GTFO out of my borderlands with your “political awareness…” We come to the borderlands to get away from the incontinent drivel of civilization… So why do you gotta be a genius and drag it out here with you?

Bl3 might’ve went full “leftist”… I have no idea… But to realize that it did you have to go full something

And you don’t ever go full anything…


everything is political

Exactly borderlands is borderlands and earth is earth keep them separate and everyone will have a lot more fun lol

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Wait? Borderlands 2 campaign was longer than Borderlands 3’s? Am I the only one that thinks Borderlands 2 campaign was much shorter? I think Eden-6 is about as long as Borderlands 2 by itself lol.

As with anything in this world…take it with a grain of salt and do your best to ignore it.

In today’s world we are beat over the head with politics, gender, sexuality, etc., etc in the news, tv shows, movies, music, social media, and even video games. All to try and sway opinion. I do my best to ignore it. Why? Because I am not going to let something that is supposed to be entertaining such as a video game, music, movies, or a tv show sway my way of thinking. Yes I paid for my game, but I didn’t pay to listen to someones political views. As with other forms of entertainment, I paid to be entertained and stop thinking about the BS going on in the world. So when entertainment or entertainers that I generally like start spouting off their political views…I tune it out. Because if I don’t…I tend to stop patronizing that entertainment or entertainer.

There’s an echo log that talks about Lorelei transitioning. Tyreen says about Aurelia it’s nice another rich bitch is in charge. That Tyreen line is another way of saying it’s nice another woman is in charge, which is something a feminist would say. Aurelia tells Troy in a war of family the sister always wins. Those are examples I am certain are propaganda. Last time I checked the story always suffers when feminist beliefs are put in fiction. For example, in the Supergirl tv series a blue sun kills men. I stopped watching Supergirl after the first episode so I learned about this blue sun bs from reddit and youtube comments. I expect I’m going to get flagged for saying this by people who use it as a disagreement button.

And here’s me thinking that being afraid and upset by women not acting in accordance with traditional gender roles was reserved for religious fundamentalists or anyone from before the 14th century.


Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t finished Eden-6

You also murder the hell out of both of them

That kind of crazy talk requires a good leeching, you must have some ghosts in your blood.


Before anyone starts accusing, my feminist witchcraft isn’t behind it. This time.


The exact kind of excuse a witch would use.

Bet you weigh the same as a duck.


Is it a horse sized duck? How would the density on that work? Would duck size horses weigh a lot?


Lmao, right? I post Borderlands fan art and it gets immediately locked, but stuff like this is allowed to run wild.

Whatever, at least it’s funny.