BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

If you count quests, yes by 13,

Where is your locked art? Because i couldn’t find it

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There’s a reason I stay away from the political thread on here lol.

Can’t believe its got over 6.5k replys in it, to me a video game message board is a real odd place for such a huge politics topic lmao.

Imagine a world where we could play video games and just enjoy the content without reading into the non-existent politics and searching for some conspiracy theory to take offense to.

Nope, not in 2019 :joy:

Where are these lazy commie mods at? Lock this ■■■■ down and throw the OP in the gulag already.

It’s not smart enough to be parody.

The main story is so horrendous I don’t think it matters what its political leanings are.

Nobody pays attention to crap, no matter what its hidden message is.

Don’t ya just love all those correctly used spoiler tags… :unamused: Oh wait…

That would make a good band name

I think the reason there were a lot of women involved with the story this time around is that story was revolving around sirens, who coincidentally are established to be all female.

I think that’s more a reflection of Japanese pop culture rather than an appeal to American political sentiment. FF-X2 is not the first time a Japanese property had an all-girl team. Sailor Moon is one example that pops into mine.

As for the supposed “feminist agenda,” the game was about a girl who, after having saved the world, is looking for her non-existent crush/boyfriend. I don’t see any feminist or leftist agenda in there.

Oh, and for the record, Yuna is first portrayed as a pistol-wielding gunner. It was LeBlanc who was the “poptart bubble gum famous pop singer.”

Dude, the only ones who consistently bring up the 2016 Presidental election and Hillary seem to be the political right. It is as though they seem insecure of Trump’s victory that they feel a need to continually reassert that fact. Hell, hardly anyone brings up the 2018 election cycle, but I think I know why the political right doesn’t.

And what the hall does “Daniel Traunt” have to do with anything?

It’s not the PC police. It is most likely people who simply disagree with you. Everyone who disagrees with you does not belong to the “PC Police” as you seem to be fond of calling them.

Probably not. There was a second whistle blower mentioned after all…

Wow. Cool. You are so l33t. Maybe you should be a streamer, or post YouTube videos of it so everyone can bask in your glorious madd gamer skillz, yo.

Again, no it isn’t. The story revolves around the sirens, both as their role in the game universe and as the individual sirens themselves.

… which is totally irrelevant, but hey, he probably voted for Obama because he didn’t want Hillary to get the nomination. Now what would truly be telling if he disclosed whether he voted for either Hillary or Trump. But that is irrevelant as well, so no need to know.



cough cough

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I fixed it. I read the whole thing this time.

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I was just having fun there, no worries.

That’s a relief. I was actually worried there for a moment.

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I’m trying to skim this behemoth.

hep hep I’m being oppressed!

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I try and stay away from politics when playing video games because I don’t want to have to deal with that. There’s enough division as it is a why can’t we just enjoy a game for being a game?

That being said, as much as I tried to ignore it, it definitely does give off a vibe of political messages. I too figured the all female lead was because it was to do with sirens but the more I play through it, the more bummed out I get at the lack of diversity in terms of personalities and genders. A lot of female badasses at the forefront and bumbling idiot males sidelined - the exception being Hammerlock and Jakobs who were gay.

Nothing wrong with all female but there was such a lack of diversity in personality. Everyone was badass with no weakness and all beautiful. It made hard for me to relate to them (not saying I’m ugly but more because they’re on some high pedestal and powerful.)

I think the OP came off as perhaps a bit aggressive regarding their opinion but I still feel they’re not wrong. And it sucks because I don’t want that - I just want to shoot, loot and enjoy the Borderlands universe in all its glory with all the different characters. Not just the ones that suit their ideals which…it did come off that way.

The game still had great sales and while there is a unanimous feeling of annoyance for parts in the story, it still hasn’t stopped people playing.

As much as I don’t like political agendas in a video game - I still play for the shooting, the gore, the fun side quests and that sweet loot.

It doesn’t ruin my experience for the game…but it does sour it a little.

Hope I don’t get anger for this as uh…people seem really passionate in here. Just giving my two cents.


His initials are DT. It took me a while to figure out what this was about too.

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I am strongly against the modern day culture of harassment and abuse authorized by moralists within the veil of social justice, and the unhealthy stigma against positive representations of sexuality, but I fail to see how any of the complaints towards 3 could be correlated with anything other than bad writing.

Aurelia, Tannis and Lilith’s characterization were butchered, making them far less interesting and dynamic characters, Lorelei is an immensely blank slate who gets no development, Ava is loathed by the community, Troy and Tyreen are immensely underwhelming villains, and other fan favourite leading ladies are completely glossed over and ignored.

If this supposedly was an attempt to portray powerful women, it had the opposite affect, it made beloved characters far less sympathetic and interesting, ignored major plot threads, and didn’t even feature incredibly lore important characters like Athena, Fiona, Gortys and The Watcher. Heck I would’ve settled for Captain Scarlett.

Maya, one of the most powerful, capable people in the entire universe, was treated like absolute garbage.

Ava is a writers pet, and Tannis and Lilith get a lot of narrative attention. Whilst this theoretically isn’t bad, since they have were good characters in previous games, their personalities were ruined by poor writing and development.

I appreciate that they haven’t shied away from positive portrayals of sexuality such as with Moxxi, I feel the mordern day stigma and harassment occuring towards artists due to portraying sexuality is unacceptable, and I would like to see games get away from their modern attempts at censorship or distaste towards the beauty of the human body (for example, I feel modern day Lara Croft does a disservice to the positive impact of her original character).

These rather illegitimate seeming complaints, I feel, cause harm to genuine times of harassment, disenfranchisement or suppression of people and their art due to flimsy, unfair, inaccurate social pandering.

I like that Rhys allows for a more positive portrayal of corporations (although I feel they did a poor job writing him, and the omission of Troy Baker is a huge disservice), but Jakob’s retcons The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned, where in they are portrayed not dissimilar to the other groups in their callous disregard for employee safety.

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I just want to say: Daniel Traunt reminded me more of Daniel Tosh than Donald Trump. Though I feel like the way he screeched his own name was supposed to be specifically referencing something I can’t quite remember.

On that note, please form an orderly line, the doctor is in:

So, plagued by competent females playing an important part in the story? There can only one explanation:

Oh, not? Hm, gotta exorcise or bloodlet someone else then! It’s your lucky day, wench.

Okay, I’ll exorcise this Slif_One, he is obviously possessed by the spirit of John Lennon!
(dammit, I like John Lennon, so it’s another non-starter)

Help is here, the leeches are ready.

Wait, what?! That’s not a veil, that’s my modern plague doctor mask, practical and at the pinnacle of fashion!