BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

Truly the pinnacle of modernity and new age science, I admire your tenacity and wisdom within the fields of modern medicine among the dark hamlet.

I am not referring to anything occurring here of course, but harassment artists have faced online.

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Hey, I’m the Doctor!


And I moonlight as a plague doctor nowadays, but sure, you’re the PhD’d person, I acknowledge that. But:


Don’t stress your luck or are you interested in meeting my leeches, Dr. Hattie?


no! dont withdraw it! im so damned curious! what did you respond?

edit: this was for the response to what you asked xtechserv. i wanna know what he responded.

I would have been happier with all of the female characters if this were true…But all of them… Every single one…Was critically flawed…

To the extent that it brought me out of suspended disbelief. Why? Because I too am flawed… I want to believe that women are perfect but the women here weren’t helping me maintain that delusion…

Also… Female bandit psycho??

I was super stoked to be able to shoot them in the face…


Bl3 is more left leaning thin bl2 was thats clear as day.
biggest point is most of what dark humor /insulting the player that bl2 had .Is just not in bl3 at all .

That’s the part the bothers me the most i think. I loved all of claptraps disses at u and other npc’s.

I dont really care if next to no one in this game is straight anymore could care less if its good writing and not just done because its the hot thing right now lol.

I thought his initials were S.T. As in “Samuel Traunt”

Oh wait, Samuel was the Oppressor/Captain on Athenas with an insecurity problem. Daniel was the older brother who’s a general on Necrotafeyo, who also speaks like a douchey “bro.”

Still trying to make a connection here… Hey, Deathtrap was also called D.T. Coincidence?


Gave you a like for that snide remark

The heck is this conspiracy-theory about the Traunts about? I’ve played those sections multiple times along with plenty of friends and none of us ever went “HAH! IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP!”. No, we just said “those Traunts sure sound like idiots, but then again Maliwan seems to hire a lot of these”.

If you read politics into a game, then sure enough you’ll want to make connections where there are simply none.

Oh heck, Borderlands 3 has a bazillion guns!? Know a country with that IRL? OH, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WAKE UP, VAULT HUNTLE!

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The name isn’t very similar if you ask me. And automatically assuming an idiotic character is a reference to Trump doesn’t sound like a very pro-Trump perspective…

I don’t think it’s always wrong to consider what authors’ intentions are, but if one is going to do that I think it’s worthwhile to try and distinguish what is based in solid evidence and what is speculation. There’s nothing wrong with speculation, I love it, but I think it’s right to admit it if that’s what we’re doing.


Listen up troops! Nothing out there IRL makes sense, let’s do what we can to make the Borderlands a place for all.

What the heck did I just read? :laughing:

If that were true, I’d gladly no longer be upset about it

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I heard way more talk in this game about strait relationships than gay ones. Tannis wouldn’t stop hitting on typhoon, claptrap was all about his girl. Ellie was talking about how she was going to get some all the time.


I don’t get this one at all, Traunt is bro jokes total jockish, not at all like trump.

I see the name comparison but thats it.


Btw, if the game really went full leftist, Moxxie would be wearing a nuns outfit.


As a bleeding heart leftist, I actually agree that the story took a backseat to the obvious agenda. There’s a girl power element that infects the story throughout in a negative way. No way in hell should ava lead the crimson raiders. where are all the male prominent characters? why didn’t troy become the main bad? Also I swear there’s more LBGTQ characters in this game then straight characters. It’s not a problem, but sometimes it takes me out of the story(which is terribly written to begin with so maybe that’s my REAL issue)

Like if the story was well written and good, this stuff wouldn’t even almost bother me(bleeding heart leftist here), but if the story is gonna be subpar and the comedy is gonna be cringe then maybe the writers should focus on that first before trying to appear woke is all.


That’s probably a far better argument than BL3 pushing a feminist agenda, because at the end of the day I don’t really care about if BL3 is pushing an agenda or not, but I do care if it negatively impacts the story.

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Wait, is this why there aren’t legendaries in vending machines now?

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Ya know what, we can solve this debate really quickly and easily with one question:

Was the team most responsible for the story the Canadian team of the Dallas team? Cus I live in Dallas, and the most left-leaning people in the metroplex would be called Alt-Right by most standards.