BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

The ending in BL3 really makes it more clear. Also Alicia Keys is an extreme feminist, not coincidence they chose her for the final ending song, just compare it to all the other BL ending songs. I’ve played many games with female protagonist as the strongest character and I’ve never felt that feminist agenda like I did with BL3. FF X-2 on the other hand…

Also feminist hate Donald Trump more than anything, no coincidence there’s a loud mouth arrogant frat boy named Daniel Traunt you get to kill. Seriously man come on.

I don’t remember saying there’s gays all over the place. I don’t remember bringing any gays up until someone else brought it up. I support gays, I got friends and family that are gays so it’s normal for me to interact or see them. Two of my favorite singers of all time are gay, Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

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It’s normal to kill males in BL, lol!

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It’s not the male vs female death count in BL that determines an agenda, it’s the females removing the males from their position. Also the males are pretty much ball-less wussies that can’t do much anything by themselves. At least they kept Zero as a badass. Sucks when Maya died, I was not expecting that and she died trying to save that little loud mouth twerp Ava. Besides I picked 6 females over 5 males as my strong characters in all BL games combined.

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Wainwright literally shot Troy and was able to run circles around him. Hammerlock really was the same as he was in 2, and Rhys was always a silly fanboy; he didn’t change at all- and he was able to raise a company from the dead.

I might be misunderstanding your comment- a bit tired atm- but if you picked them, how is that evidence of the game having an agenda?

Also just wanna say I appreciate that you’re very civil through this whole discussion- usually these threads get real heated real fast.


My friend, stop trying to explain yourself to people who are there to mock you.
There is no explaining and no reasoning with them…
They even deny their own Trump reference and lie about how amazing it is that they can play a story for girls only, where women are in charge and all the men are either idiots or gays, with only 1 cool new entry: mr. black guy.

You can never win, just hammer the story: IT SUCKED.
Or maybe I souldn’t misgender the story, don’t want to get bannned: SHE SUCKED.

Why did it suck so much?
Why does your character have no impact on the storyline? (so much that it’s completely missing from cutscenes)
Where are the 4 to 6 echo logs with backstories of the characters?
What did I do wrong to play a game where every single female character has to talk down on me like if we were at a feminist rally?
Where has the humour gone? THIS GAME IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!!
Why this is the first BL story that nobody enjoys re-playing?
Was this the event that the Watcher had foreseen?

The story was weak, characters were annoying and poorly developed, and for the first time in the borderlands series, you don’t feel a part of it.
In BL1 you are a Vault Hunter, in BL2 you are a Crimson Raider and feel like you are having an impact, in BL3, things are happening parallel to you and that kills the experience.

First time I found myself reacting to a dialogue with “would you please shut up and let me play?”

Gameplay is amazing, that is undeniable, 5 stars, but the story… So much effort in inserting bits of lefty propaganda everywhere that they forgot about the actual story.

I hope that DLCs won’t double down on this, or I fear that selling BL3 accounts that are already at the end of the story might actually become a viable business model…


I keep seeing the idea that Traunt is a dig at Trump, and I just don’t see it. If there was going to be a dig at Trump don’t you all think it could’ve been crafted better? A trust fund baby that got where they are on the backs of other people’s seed money and lubricated by some less than shady and almost always unsuccessful business moves? A con artist and shyster that wouldn’t raise a gun to do their own dirty work? Someone that dodged the draft and then later belittled the sacrifices of others? I’m just saying that if it is a dig at Trump it’s worse writing than anything else that has been highlighted by people complaining about the story, because it’s inaccurate and ineffective past a slight, and I mean you have to want to hear it, phonic resemblance. I think accusing the writers of thinking that’s what they did there is more insulting than anything else that’s been said about them “subliminally pushing a radical left wing feminist agenda”. And that’s saying something, because I think that idea is pretty ludicrous as well. I’m sorry that this situation bothers y’all so much. Maybe play with the dialogue muted and the subtitles off? You could go to the bathroom or get a drink while an unskippable cutscene (a crime I find way worse on repeated playthroughs than what’s been said repeatedly) plays. Just don’t get your blood pressure up any higher than it already is. I doubt any perceived offense is worth the lengths y’all are going to looking for things to be upset about. :v:

Can we please get back to the jokes now?


Yeah, more or less like hiding meat in a veggie sandwich you paid for.
“uhm well, you could simply not eat it”
WTH dude, seriously?

I bought a Borderlands Game and got something unwanted that was not supposed to be there, and I believe it should be addressed.
Why nobody complained about radical lefty agenda in BL1 and BL2?

Gee! They even made the Nova Berner shield as a tribute to Bernie Sanders! What more can I tell you… If you got eyes, you’ll see it eventually.


Honestly, if this bothers you that much, and it appears to, you can sell your game and never play it again. Never buy another game from this company. Organize a large scale boycott movement. Vote with your wallet, it’s the only vote that matters in a capitalist society. I can’t tell you not to be upset, offense is in the perception of the offended, and just because I don’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t. But there are other, more effective, ways to get your point across. Again, everyone seems to be so upset about this and I am worried about everyone’s health. There are better ways to use how you feel right now. I’m not trying to change your mind, just how you handle these feelings that are so plainly intense and potentially bad for your health. Namaste.


Looking for a black cat that isn’t there in a dark room seems to be fun. Every ten minutes someone screams they found the cat…


Lets be fair. Trump would never make it in a frat.

I’ve run this experiment a few times since you posted. The first time all I got was weird looks and a noise citation. I tried several variations including secondary equipment like helium, thumbtacks in my shoes, and a chip clip somewhere where I dare not mention, but the looks just escalated and the fines got bigger. Finally with the chip clip in place and precisely 37 marbles in my mouth, someone asked if I was screaming about the scene in Casino Royale where hannibal scraches james bond’s balls, and I gave up.

Yeah it couldn’t be because they were saying goodbye (cept not really) to a staple character in the series who was literally a girl on fire. I wish more sheeple would wake up and see this. Then again, if people don’t respect my theory that the world is shaped like a trapezoid I don’t know how the normies are going to wake up to hard facts like this.


Speaking as a man who likes acid clouds and fireballs that mained 3 sirens and athena, this really doesn’t count for much when skills are associated via fixed character.


Star Wars was always anti-fascist. Star Wars was always feminist. Leia strangled her captor with her own chains in what I can only describe as an amazing metaphor, for crying out loud. She even bossed Han Actual Solo around a bit.

The Empire were always fascists. They were designed and written as a direct analogue to the Nazi party. I understood this when I was nine years old. Back then, everyone knew that white supremacists were bad, so there wasn’t any fuss. These days there appears to be a worrying amount of confusion about this. This might explain why some folks see obvious, even heavy-handed, feminist or anti-totalitarianism themes as problematic. It might just be that producers are trying to remind us of something we’re in danger of forgetting.


“Edited out.”

I’m not entirely sure about this, I’m not sure where Amara stands, but Athena has shown some exceptional physical strength, and apparently nearly killed Mordecai and Brick (there was presumably some more struggling after the scenes we see in Tales too). She is also shown ripping open a heavy security metal door.

I’m not a fan of the concept that portrayals of beauty or sexuality at all negatively hinder a character or make them a lesser person. An interesting character isn’t opposed to “cuteness” or “eye-candy”, and I feel acting as such is a rather regressive concept.

Sexuality has major issues in how people understand it, and I feel efforts such as Sony’s censorship program has actively harmed the intellectual maturity of the industry.


I’ve edited my post.


Appreciated, I feel the points you made are valuable.


Got to ask this are you canvassing a purely deaf commune to get your results?

That’s because saying Adul Hithler would create the same similar sound (not to mention when reading would be an undeniable play on hitler unlike your bizzare correlation with Traunt and Trump).

Have you even said them outloud? Say Traunt 3 times. Now say Trump 3 times.

If they sounded even remotely the same book an emergency appointment with an ear specialist.


You are indeed quite right this was brought into the room by someone else man apologies for that & thanks, I went back to check the OP and ended up rereading pretty much most of the thread and liked a bunch of stuff I missed first read. Still lmao at a lot of stuff on 2nd read. Fun thread.

The song choice to me was a pretty obvious one that fit the end scene before it perfectly.

Nothing to do with the artists political position, just lyrics that fit what you saw on screen.

As for Daniel Traunt / Trump I have tried and tried to make the connection I just can’t see it.

They are as close to me as Mr T & Mother Theresa because the only connection that’s obvious in your comparison is their initials.


Hello fellow Superfans,

I wanna start off by admiring all you breathtaking people for not turning this thread into the fecal fiesta it could be, so thanks a lot.
I’ve had a mostly great time getting through this during my work breaks.

One thing I am wondering, however, is why no one mentioned the actual inspiration for the Traunt Bros, yet.

If you look at it, it becomes blazingly obvious:
Oh Captain, my Captain, what are your elements? Ice and fire.

The Brotalk does come with an intrigueing melodic pattern. One might infer they are actually singing.

After killing bro 1 and 2 rather… quickly the one and only opressor is apparently coming back as an undead form of himself and…

Last but not least: While there was certainly no forgetting about the Maliwan fleet, they kinda forgot Vault Hunters tend to be certified Badasses.

With that, I shall rest my case (and if you, dear reader, don’t understand the point I am trying to make, I am sorry, but I won’t spoil this travesty.)


Switch out the Dinesh D’Souza for a read of some Howard Zinn from time to time my friend :+1:


Hm, I’m curious what this refers to?

For me it wasn’t so much the figures regarding males and females. It was the way they were portrayed. I don’t recall many of the females poking fun at themselves - they were all strong, beautiful, badass. Which is fine to have but when they’re all like that, I find it harder to enjoy them because it’s samey.

The males had a much wider variety of personalities and quirks but they were all made to be idiots in some way. Jakobs and Hammerlock would be the exception but they’re gay. This isn’t a homophobic comment - in fact I absolutely love how they brought this into the story. But feminism and lgbtq often go hand in hand.

I don’t think this was a feminist agenda - I think that’s a bit far. But when it’s so centralised on female strength, it does make it a bit…boring. But honestly I think that’s more to do with how poorly the story was done. We didn’t see any character development throughout the story. And that if you wanted to be a hero, you had to be a siren.

I know sone argue that 2 was male focused but I disagree with that entirely. Sure the bad guy was male but there were a lot of memorable and influential females that all had different personalities.

So for me, my problem isn’t the number of females - as that’s a silly complaint really - it’s more the lack of diversity amongst their personalities.

Tannis especially, for me at least, took a step back character wise for me. I loved that she was intelligent, somewhat selfish, knowledge hungry and mysterious. But in 3 she became strong, badass and even more like a leader…which just didn’t seem like the Tannis from 2.

I think if the writing was done better and didn’t feel so rushed - as in things just happen conveniently so we can get to point b - it would have been more enjoyable.

I’m terrible at wording so if anything there seems offensive to anyone, it’s not meant that way. Promise ^^

But I will say I don’t think it’s right to say that only men have an issue with this because they feel imposed on. As a female, it came across in a negative way for me too.