BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

This has been my sentiment since the start of the thread too, to me its definitely an issue with the writing of these characters rather than any agenda.

I just thought overall the men were written a lot better due to not being restricted by the story as much in what you could do with them.

If it was not a tale focused on sirens we would not have felt that they all had to be strong all powerful badasses leaving no room for that important self depreciating humour (or much of any humour other than tannis obsession with Ty).

So again not really an agenda just a consequence of the subject matter for me personally.


If you want, I can send you a pm about what I’m referring to, at least once I figure out how that’s done here.

New users have limited access to forum functions, that are unlocked as you use this place. Just keep reading, posting, etc and your trust level will go up, enabling you to send pms. Pretty sure you can reply to pms already.


I think this is a really important insight to a lot of this discussion. I do disagree with you - I thought the story was great - but I think whether or not one did enjoy it goes a long way to deciding whether or not the choice to have female leads worked or not.

Even though assessments about the quality of any writing can be lodged in real aspects of it, I tend to think that whether or not writing is good/poor is ultimately a subjective judgement. Which isn’t to deny your view at all! Just that I find it a helpful way of recognising that other people had a different experience to me and it’s not necessarily less valid.

I think you’ve hit on a better way of understanding how the story makes people react, as opposed to detecting hidden political conspiracies, in any case.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve already taken a quick look at the trust levels and was rather referring to me figuring out all the functions than hinting at any road blocks for new users.
Nevertheless, your clarification is appreciated.

Going back to topic:
Whether any of you understood my reference or not, it was a way, albeit obscure, for me to show how you can find correlations pretty much anywhere, if you just look hard enough.

It’s one of the reasons why numerology is showing up every now and then.
However, no one should confuse correlation with causality.

The way I see it, GBX made the Borderlands universe in a way they would want to see it. Does that hint at their alignment on the political spectrum? Probably.
Does that mean they want everybody to conform to their ways? Not really.


And this is what completely mystifies me. Folks are saying that this is a problem. I really don’t get it.


For some reason it seems to be an affront if a game company is not completely politically aligned with, I don’t know, every single gamer.

Dire times, when those companies are allowed to be anything but right-wing and even worse, produce games with a cast that ain’t all straight white male with a generous helping of eye-candy.

Someone should complain and moan about that! Oh wait, that’s what this thread seems to be about…

Seriously? Wait a moment…
ditches plague doctor beak, digs out tin foil hat
Continue, please.

See PsychicHazard’s post on that.

Is that assumption field-tested?

Oh, cute. A funny person…


wow im surprised this s*** aint been lock yet lmao seems like it took me foreever to read this thread…but i have no dog in this fight really i could careless just wanted to say whats up yall…:v:

Brick and Mordecai are sparsely used - whichever isn’t strange given how they’re part of the original vault hunting team but aren’t given as much praise as Lilith. Which is unfortunate as thy were a big part of stopping Jack in 2.

Hammerlock and Jacobs were gay - gonna day this again, this isn’t a homophobic remark as I absolutely love their relationship and the part it had in the story. They were at least somewhat capable I guess.

As for Zer0, he was really dumbed down. All his lines were basically ‘My sword is cool’ and said nothing after the death of Maya. He praised her as a badass once but all his other lines? They poke at him being a complete weeb.

Compared his lines in Tales to 3 - yes a different company made Tales but still the same character - and he is incredibly different.

In fact a lot of characters I’d argue changed dramatically in 3 with no real reason. And a lot of them, females included, weren’t for the better.

Lilith is a good example of this. I wanted to see her again - the slightly dorky but fiery woman I knew in 2. Who would rather be dead than be a damsel. Not whine about not knowing what she is through the whole game. Let her be a leader - show that fire again.

All characters I feel were done dirty in this game tbh

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Maya & Lilith are both sexy & beautiful in my opinion and they’re top notch characters. I also think Moxxi & Ellie are fantastic characters and they absolutely own their sexuality.

What I said is that female characters don’t have to be beautiful or sexy or cute or funny to be great characters. I have no clue where you got the idea that I said being any of these things excludes them from being great characters.


This, again? Canned response:

"Honestly. Read these threads, please:

And the forum rules:

And then, please, just try and deal with the fact that non-binary folks exist, that Gearbox promote inclusiveness, and that on this forum, it’s considered polite to use they/them.

If that’s really too much to ask, I can only suggest that you go somewhere else. No-one here cares what you call them in-game or in the safety of another discussion platform.

I’ll take any questions via pm."


I don’t like the correlation of sexuality with this, I don’t feel there is something inherently shameful in regards to attraction and the human body, and I feel the industry understanding and learning that it has a place is important.

People are allowed to enjoy fan-service as well, there is nothing shameful about that (or worth harassing artists online and sending death threats for…).

Separately, I feel there needs to be a separated understanding of agenda driven rhetoric and media, which I feel is usually harmful, poorly done, and is the reason behind many peoples frustration. And work that respects the intellect of the consumer and speaks more so the human condition and freedom of thought that any particular forced subject.

I would be willing to criticize Gearbox’s work if I felt they were creating it from a mean-spirited point of view, and I feel its important that the people on this forum to acknowledge that this is an issue, even if it is a vocal minority. But I don’t think it is at all applicable to this game, I think it mostly just stems from poor writing.

Thank you for clarifying, I wasn’t necessarily trying to assume as to your point, but mostly speak overall. I do feel there is some unfortunate pushes for censorship and alterations of pre-established characters that I feel are unhealthy and immature, but nothing related to Gearbox.


This will never end. People will be expressing their anxiety and distress over having to recognise the pronoun ‘they’ until the Gearbox servers burn up at the heat death of the universe. The mods have been put into the post of Yossarian, unable to escape their very own fl4k-22.


I can understand it to some extent due to Fl4k being a robot (even if I feel enforcement seems a bit extreme), and I have no qualms with trying to respect people and be a decent person. But I have intellectual qualms and a sense of confusion at concept of non binary as a concept applicable to humans, and I don’t scientifically understand it.

I suppose I disagree with the concept overall at the moment, but I don’t see it as a big deal either way, and am willing to have my opinion changed, I just don’t really understand it.

I was curious what this reference was, but I’m curious about Schornm’s as well now.

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they need to make a straight up alien now something playable thats not human or humanoid…robots dont count im talking like the watcher or some s*** maybe i would like to play as an alien lol sure they could make some op builds for that lmao…

Ah, dear Dinesh D’Souza is… basically an alt-right troll, but he claims to be a historian. Before the 2016 election he made an absolutely ridiculous film called Hillary’s America in which he tried to make the same case suggested above - that because the Democrats were a party of slavery (a history which he claimed they’ve covered up… a case somewhat undermined by the fact that this is taught in US schools) they are, today, somehow also propagating these views and have only won respect through propaganda / mind control.

If you can imagine Joseph Goebbels making an episode of Drunk History, you’ll have a pretty good idea what the film is like.

Anyway I’ve no idea if OP is a fan but it is the same (absurd) argument.

Howard Zinn is a qualified historian and wrote my personal favourite history of the US, but any academic account of US political history offers a pretty decent counterargument. There’s plenty to dislike about the modern Democratic party without indulging in conspiracies.


Ah, full leftist thread. You had a good run. But, as always, ad hominem and a lack of manners have reared their ugly head. I hope that humor and respect may once again rise to a position of prominence as we satirize humanity’s utter lack of self reflection.


The fight shows that Athena’s ability was almost entirely down to skill. Physical strength had something to do with it, but very little. I don’t think she’d be able to curl an engine block, and neither would Amara.

Big difference between eye-candy characters and one that is sexually attractive. Tifa from FFVII is a crush of an entire generation of young boys, and she is sexually attractive, not just eye-candy. Or at least in the context that Paul seemed to be saying it, he was distinguishing between those whose only addition is ‘golly they’re cute’.

I am beginning to feel like that scene in Ace Ventura where everyone bows the moment they hear Shikaka. Was everyone waiting to kneel upon hearing the God-Emperor’s name and felt deviously tricked when it turned out to be Chicago… I meaan Donald Trump… I mean Daniel Traunt?

Donald Ttttddddduck. Did I get you?

The men were either idiots or gays!? They made the men gays!?

Aaaaand a black guy!?

Gearbox does your depravity know no bounds!?

I think you and I should march down there and insist that the cast be almost entirely male and straight. That’ll teach people not to impose something on some one else…


I dunno. Is the world ready for this kind of bizarre innovation?


This was me last night.