BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

its better than the last socialist dlc i got.

I had to pick root vegetables for 20 hours then swap all my veg for a new pair of work sandals to do the same the next day.

Fun stuff


If you don’t think on level purple gear would make a difference for you, maybe you should support it for those for whom it would make a difference.

I can totally imagine Psychos shouting that as they rush me with nades held high.


I also like the incredibly left-wing stances on;

Guns. They’ve practically removed them from the game, only a few billion or so left. They even initiated a buy back program via vending machines.

Capitalism. We saw the likes of Wainright Jakobs and Rhys for what they are, evil heels on the neck of the proletariat. Which is why the game was almost entirety Vladof based.

They caved in and completely removed Moxxi’s sexual promiscuity we all loved, I can only recall 50-60 instances of innuendos and that current outfit is practically a burqa.

Worst of all. And this is the part that sent a chill down my spine. I noticed by the time I had reached Devil’s Razor that I’d picked up no money. Not a single dollar. Then I checked my social and realized I had been compensated exclusively in Randystamps and had to wait in line behind a famished Marcus in order to get a single round of pistol ammo, which I promptly used on myself.


Great post haha!

I really really want some randy stamps now my game is bugged just gives cold hard cash :nauseated_face:

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My God! The writing is on the wall!

Seriously. The walls on Pandora are covered in militant vegan propaganda:



It gets worse!


I have no friends, can I bring the guy i swap my veg for sandles with me?

PS I am not unlikable its illegal to have friends in my country we all have to have an equal disdain for each other so we don’t get close to anyone and challenge those in power.

PPS Hail to the glorious leader and his magnificent bowl cut.


But did you all see the right wing propaganda, when you respec it’s a flat % of how much money you have.
Same with when you respawn.

Gearbox how dare you promote a flat tax! Get your right wing agenda out of my life.


I don’t even mind the minor inconveniences.

When I went to the Catch-A-Ride, I was in the mood to try out the new Cyclone parts, but when I tried to initiate it, I was informed by the game that I had already used up my carbon emission quota due to Pandora signing on to the Paris Accord and the Green New Deal simultaneously.

I thought I could bypass it, but I received a call from the local Commissary that I should stop asking questions. I mean, it was weird. How did they even have my home phone did they9asapiugfsagpoiuyfdsiyogfdsagagspiudbsdasnu gbiuypobiuyovg

Nothing happened. The above is a lie.


Then tannis, the scientist, turns in her science to become a siren.

Like science being turned in for religion.

More right wing agenda, did Kevin sorbo right bl3?


Yeah, and everything revolves around the corporations - there are no governments and no independent judiciary, just corporation-sponsored mercenaries.


Bandits tried to protest us going to sanctuary and we ran them over and used for fuel, like in a pipeline protest.


When a thread is filled with nothing but the mods mocking someone…


Zane using drones to fight for him, there is no accountability to the done killing innocent people, more right wing propaganda


I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU CAPITALIST PII… I mean… Ehhh Fellow Moderators would stop all this joking about the Glorious and Harmonious People’s Republic of BL3. Would be ashamed if you end up like Giuvi… I mean me. Which is that nothing happened to me.


Not right now there isn’t, they wait 25 years before going on to arrest / sue the war veterans for doing exactly what the same people asked them to do XD

If Borderlands is still going in 25 years will be very upset if they leave out the Arrest Zane for Ancient Drone Crimes side quest out.

My arthritic fingers and cataract filled eyes will be doing their best to hit the dislike button (thats still not there lol)

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But seriously. Back on topic for one final note.

It turns out that in a plot line revolving around Sirens, a (almost strictly) female superhuman class, there is going to be a lot of girl’s on stage in the final act.

If some one wrote a book called; ‘The last battle of the Amazons’ I don’t expect most reviews to say; “Got to page 30, whats with all the chicks?”

I think I’ll start worrying about a ‘leftist agenda’ when Brick cuts out carbs in order to tone down on the toxic masculinity associated with his muscles, and not when the plot deems fit for a bunch of females to be on the screen at the same time. Doesn’t sound so much like an agenda as it does the result of probability theory when they seem to represent half of the universe.


It’s true but it’s the world we live in

I liked it much better than Borderlands 2; if we pretend gender etc are invisible then BL3’s story and characters are far less obnoxious than BL2’s, and of course the gameplay

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I would be a butler to these bunch of bad ass ladies, as long as they don’t want to be friends, I am not getting shot over them.

PS All Hail Glorious Leader with the fabulously round body!

On topic, I wouldn’t say it’s pushing leftist agenda’s nearly as much as I would say it’s heavy handed pandering and appeasement to the SJW outrage mob.

And to be completely honest, that’s where a lot of these types of threads come from is people who are annoyed by that stuff saying “two can play at this game” imo.

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