BL3 Went full Leftist, so many subliminal leftist agendas in the campaign

Just heard a song by James Brown, it seems to speak of a time in the future where the world is a ‘Man’s World’ I was very confused.

I ignored him because I was busy counting how many homosexuals there may have been in the audience as it could’ve all been a clever ploy.


I’m not certain I agree with this, the actual choreography of the fight suffered due to it being on the Telltale engine, but it showed Athena was able to match Bricks strength in a head on collision. I don’t think we know enough about Amara to rule her our either. If you don’t use General Pollux’s eye on the security door, Athena rips it open and gives Fiona a lady boner.

The Pre Sequel intro also shows Mordecai and Brick more severely injured, insinuating Athena had further scuffles as a captive while they were transporting her.

It’s interesting how the distinction of sexuality seems to fall back to the point, poor writing, rather than the actual character design.

Examples that irk me are probably Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat, which I find especially amusing due to their obsession with cartoony violence and machismo male designs. The concept of sexuality being diametrically opposed to maturity comes across as stifled and regressive to me.

Athena uses a sword and shield, dives at Brick from a great distance and swings. He swats that entire attack away with one arm. Despite her using several tools to gain an advantage and him using; ‘I am actually quite large’. Nearly everything she does in that fight she does by way of skill. Of which she has more than enough. I think it’s also implied when he begins opening doors the size of tanks that he was meant to be the only one capable of doing it.

His physical strength is unrivaled and I’d be surprised if that wasn’t his gimmick by now.


No, Athena charges with the shield at Brick’s metal gauntlet, the force cancels each-other out. The metal wouldn’t redistribute the strength needed by either party.

Like i said before bl3 is more left leaning or at least way more open about it thin bl2 was.

I do think it effected the humor a lot once u have to start worrying about everyone’s feelings of course its going to take a hit.

BUt i do think its going a bit far to the point of bans on miss misgendering pixels.

Article by a lgbt and called( that damn near everyone in the Borderlands universe falls under the LGBTQIA+ banner)

And thats not meant as hate in any way the Article was a good read id link or even post it but i dont think its ok to do it id have to read over the rules .

I think one prob some have is when we play a game or watch a movie we tend to latch on to people or ch’s that we can identity with on diff lvs.U get the idea on where thats going with out me needing to say more lol.

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To be honest, after the ending of The Pre-Sequel I like her seeing being more down to earth instead of acting on impulses. I won’t go into details about that game here however.



if they added a skip cutscean button would you stop complaining?

Dive bombing with a kinetically charged shield can be cancelled out by weight distribution by a cloth strapped iron bracelet with screws on it?

Bro where do you shop for screws. Because they beat the hell out of the ones I buy at home depot. :slight_smile:

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The kinetic charge is only explicitly shown as a game mechanic, but none the less, it also only charges after the fact, I’m not convinced that the shield itself would provide a form of strength.

I think I see where your confusion is coming from. US Democrats by and large espouse a socially progressive democracy, along similar lines to other socially democratic countries (Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc.)

This is not the same as classic socialist or marxist philosophy. And totally different to actual practice in states that labelled themselves “Socialist” while practising an entirely different form of government. (See: former USSR etc.)

In short: don’t let similarities in labels fool you. There are many forms of socialism in this world. Equating them all as identical would be like treating the words their, there, and they’re as meaning exactly the same thing.

Edited to add: Some are deliberately exploiting those similarities in labels as a scare tactic; don’t let yourself be fooled by them.


I really hate to be a stickler about this because you are a great sport, and very fun to debate with Ashran, so know I say this with the utmost affection, but that is just consequentially not how physics works.

The very weight of the gauntlet in that works against Brick. Not for him. Athena dive bombs gaining momentum, then strikes as she falls. Brick then swats it away.

Have some one throw a light weight at you from that distance, tell me if you’d rather try to catch it unencumbered or with a 10 pound weight on you.

Now, I don’t want to derail the thread anymore so I will let you have the final point on this in good sport.

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I’m not entirely sure I follow through on your point, Athena also had the weight of the shield to handle, along with having to direct its momentum, and physically falling back on her own behest. She also later on manages to slice through his sternum with the thrown object.

None the less, that scene was designed to look cinematic with an archaic animation engine on a decade plus old tool, so it’s not a very effective way to determine realistic movements. I can’t say much other than I suspect Athena’s inordinate representations of strength could mean more. The biological dimorphism within the world of Borderlands is most likely very different to our own, especially with the largely exaggerated body shapes you see in the world, so muscle and bone density probably work quite differently as well. Along with possible genetic modifications Athena had to deal with due to being raised to be a weapon since early childhood.

All in all I think it’s possible, but there is no clear way to know, since it is never really shown or stated, nor does it really matter overall.

It’s great fun chatting with you, cheers.

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Oh. I wasn’t even aware of this; I just called them him because their voice sounded like a Him. That’s pretty cool.

Right? Me too!

They probably won’t.

List of Gay Characters: Wainwright and Alistair.

List of Idiot Males: Claptrap (Debatable as he is physically a robot)… Oh dear, that list is surprisingly short.

A complaint or not, be at least a little civil.

It doesn’t.

Your character kills Tyreen and Troy Calypso and is the main reason you find out anything in the story. So…GG on that.

Located in Sanctuary, there are 4 separate logs, one for each character dictating some background information on them. Go find them.

Tannis always talks down to everyone, and Tyreen is the bad guy. No other female except maybe Aurelia talks down to you. But Aurelia is…GASP…A bad guy. You’d think they’d talk down to you.

It got a couple of chuckles from me, and some outright raucous laughter for certain scenes. It wasn’t as funny as previous games, no, but what do you expect from a game with no Handsome Jack who was 70% of the humor behind BL2.

I enjoy replaying it, I am replaying it currently using Amara instead of FL4K, then will replay it again with Zane and again with Moze. Funny, I guess it’s not “Nobody”, please don’t speak for others when it’s you your statement refers too.

No, The Watcher Event is most likely a reference to what will come next. There was no war outside of Maliwan and ATLAS.

I mean; I felt apart of it.

Doubt this.

Don’t play it… I’m sure even if this was a cut and paste from BL2 you’d find something wrong with it.

Not seeing it.

Just like Tales, The Pre Sequel and Borderlands 3!

Talked to my mother the today about this, and she is a strong hater of Trump and listens to basically everything involving Trump and even she says there is nothing in his name that sounds anything like Trump.

Saying Adul Hitler just sounds like you’re saying Adolf Hitler with a Lisp.

Corrupt or not; still better than Trump, just saying. I won’t get into this debate but yeah.

Actually I saw more female Bandits in my playthrough tbh. Also the Girl on Fire song was obviously a reference to Liltih and her Firehawk persona, name one song that has a reference to a female being on fire and we may have a leg to stand on. But right now? I just don’t see it.

Ever think just maybe, I don’t know, its a case of just being good at the got dang game? Take someone who hasn’t played BL1 or 2 or TPS and the fight would’ve been at least “Challenging” but you clearly have followed this series and thus have experience in these types of fights like me and many others.

Also holy ■■■■ this is the most I’ve posted in this thread.


Let’s keep this about the game, not other forum users, please.

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I have to say I’m pleasantly pleased with the leftist agenda. Anything to annoy brainwashed Trump voters is great in my opinion!

I mean, they devour his daily lies, of which we have several thousand that are verifiable from any reputable source, libraries for instance. Or the government websites. They all contradict his lies.

I’d be more concerned about 40% of the population in this country are not capable to tell truth from fiction. And by that I definitely mean Trump voters.

So again, hopefully WAY more leftist agendas in the DLC’s please, I’ll be sure to give free advertisements everywhere I go too.

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Ummm. I was told this is where to get free booze. Is this the place @Arsonist?

That’s sounding a lot like grammar fascism! You can’t tell me which possessive, I mean contraction, dammit, adverb I mean! use!

Fight the power!

Which power are we fighting Ars?


I just want to enjoy my game without political agenda’s being a thing in general. Why is it when people see more female power or names even remotely, super remotely, resembling anothers name that its automatically assumed to be a political agenda?

Not everything is a Political Agenda.

^ Come on why can’t this just be funny and not something about Trump?

Row Row Fight the Powah.


Of course it’s funny and of course it’s about Trump. Love how a Trump voter I was playing with ragequit over fighting him.

More of this please. I’ll pay triple for any future DLC for more of this.

Or maybe it’s not about Trump. But I sure do love how triggered his voters get in this game.


Honestly not really played with anyone else, I mostly play solo.

So I guess I’m missing out.


Not really - see various posts up-thread (as well as the rant thread about the same character) for many many reasons why it’s not about Trump.