Bl3 won't let me have this one trophy

I’m going for the “getting a little on the side” trophy, to do that, I’ll have to complete all side missions, after checking thoroughly, it seems that I’ve completed everything but one proving ground mission, even after I complete it, it doesn’t count it as completed, what can I do?
I’m talking about the trail of supremacy one.
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Make sure you did all of them. What’s your total in Galaxy view?


Double-check the completed missions list and see if that indicates the same or a different proving ground missing. You should be able to check your local challenge completion for each proving ground location as well.

I’ve just checked, and yes it’s the only one missing, even if I complete it, somehow it’s still not counting it

This is a really stupid question, but I have to ask it anyway - you are turning in the mission by opening the chest and speaking to the Guardian standing beside it, yes?

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Yep, exactly.

Not sure then. It would be worth doing whatever on PS4 is the equivalent of the XB1 ‘clear cache’ trick and rebooting - stranger things have been known to work. Otherwise you might have to drop into someone else’s game and see if it will trigger there?