BL3 Xbox One 100% Achievements

Finally nabbed my final two achievements.

The “Good Against Remotes is One Thing” was holding me up not because it is too difficult. But because Marcus’s gun range is so poorly lit. They need to increase the ambient lighting at the back end of the range by the crates. And include lighting by the spots the targets that pop out at mid height of the side walls. Also, improve the light for the high areas.

Finally resorted to having a friend help. We split the range, one of us took low, the other took high. Both using shotguns that had a wide dispersal pattern with an explosive second stage that littered the range with explosions to make sure nothing was missed. After a couple of tries the achievement popped for both of us. And then the final achievement popped for clearing all other achievements.

Looking forward to the DLC’s now that I have completed the base game 100% on one character. Now I’m just Eridium hunting to buy out all of Crazy Earl’s items. I have already bought all of the SDU’s. I kind of hope they increase them in the DLC’s. And maybe add something to the two blank locations in the vending machine.

Anyone know of the best location to get one of the SMG’s or AR’s as a legendary that uses money as bullets? I am sitting on a fat stack of cash that literally has no use. At least til needed for DLC’s.

You mean the Predatory Lending? It’s a rare drop from Lavender Crawley on the Droughts.