BL3 Xbox One Data on PS5?

I know this is probably pointless to ask, but I thought I would anyway:

I have an Xbox One S with my Borderlands 3 data on it. I was somewhat considering getting a PS5 but I want to keep my ownership of BL3 for PS5. Would my data transfer over, or would it only be on the Series X?

Pretty sure it has to be within the same family.
Look at the bright side, you can get a ps5 (enjoy demons souls), and get the ultimate edition of bl3 and make new characters with the new skill trees, then you get to see how the new skill trees effect the ecosystem of the game as a whole!
On the other hand you have to suffer through the campaign dialogue and you’d have to buy it again so.

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I don’t get this but I find it funny lol

Ask yourself this why would competitors help each other sell more of their products lol