BL3 Xbox One Inventory Lag

Im not usually one to complain on forums but its been over a month since this game came out and the inventory on Xbox One still lags to high hell whenever I open it. Seriously? Like look I get it, Gearbox can only work so fast and things take time. But there is no reason a month after release that the inventory should still lag a month after release, I understand there are other issues that also needed to be fixed but id figure something like the inventory lagging and basically freezing every single time I open it would be a priority…apparently not but nerfing FL4K was. I mean look it doesnt make the game unplayable by any means but its just so annoying and I don’t think im the only one who expected it to be fixed by now…

If you want to do something QUICKLY in this game, it’s excruciating tbh. Loading up the game takes 15 minutes, opening the menu just to see mayhem modifiers takes like 25 seconds after it actually even lets you open your device which on console takes 30 seconds. Opening the bank, 20 seconds. Signing in and joining with a 2nd profile, you guessed it like 45 seconds. These things sound like nitpicks but they REALLY erode the game after countless interactions with these processes.

Its like ridiculous that they are running an event rn on a game that in some aspects barely works…like I love the game but holy s**t does Gearbox need to step up their patch game. Like its been a month since release and we have gotten one actual patch and like 4 hotfixes that were all basically nerfs lol. Like I don’t expect weekly patches or anything but jesus could it be slower

Oh, I fully expected weekly patches after I realized we are beta testers. This is starting to feel like other games this year tbh. I hope they step it up as well.

Yea I don’t know what it is with games now and seeming to release half baked or half finished…like I expect that from like EA or Activision but I really thought Gearbox was better than that…

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Definitely not just Xbone either, same problem with PS4.