BL3 Xbox One Patch Update 20th November

Today I turned my Xbox one on and it started to download a patch update, I didn’t see the update size though. Any ideas what this patch update is about? Might be the case I got this update before Gearbox even announced or released notes about what it is yet.

Just to check, did you get last week’s update yet? The only thing announced yesterday was a hotfix.

Edit: I just checked, and there’s no update on my end. Current version is

I also had an update yesterday despite being up to date, about 428mb.

It was rolled out today. I know this because I was playing BL3 online with my mate last night.

What’s your game version number now? There was nothing waiting for me this morning, and I didn’t see anything last night. The only news I’ve seen was a patch for the save file issue on PS5 (which wouldn’t affect XBox users)

Just checked and I’m on version Xbox One

I just got an update as well on ps4

Weird - I didn’t see any update available, nor did I see anything downloading when I checked at 7 am this morning, but apparently there was one. It was installed by 7:30 am and I’m now also on version I am not liking the new UI layout MS has pushed out - it seems much harder to find things than it used to be.

I wonder if it resolves the conflicts around the season passes, DLCs, and final form packs that have been plaguing various people?

working fine on series X, just checked.

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Strange also, I looked at some patch notes looks like simple update. But did this correct the DLC skins issue on Series X/S? Anyone know?

I am looking though the forums now, but just curious for a quick answer.

Just got my series x yesterday had to work late so set it up put games in my que and went to bed! Morning comes got up Xbox was off turned it on everything was fine all games were downloaded. Booted up Borderlands 3 and only had directors cut dlc and only option was to pay for other dlc that I already had. It asked me to download upgrade so I did that but is there anyway to tell the upgrades actually installed? Games loads a little faster but that’s the only thing I can tell besides 4 player coop working.

What’s the version number on the game?

Do you have disc or digital copy?