📣BL3 Youtuber again! 🌠Post patch ⭐shows mayhem 2.0 is broken post may 7🖥

Im starting to like this guy alot now. Thanks for sticking up for us.


I haven’t touched the game in a while, so I can’t attest to how the latest hotfix affected drops. But I really just can’t believe that footage is correct. Surely he made a mistake and the game hasn’t been even further broken, right? I’ll admit I might just be naive.

I posted on how it was broken before his vid. We’ve all been screaming for weeks.

Storms both legendarys dont work. Games busted in many ways. 100 runs for 1 which might not be anointed right or usable item aint ok. :ok_hand:it is like that still. Agonizer 9k broken. More lag issues for some ppl.

I myself got my first crash since i first staryed and then adjusted recently.


@flightx3aa also brings some good points.


It feels even worse after the hotfix. Bosses will drop 1 legendary if youre lucky on TVHM Mayhem 10. Sometimes bosses wont even drop a single legendary at this same level. I’ve lost count of the hours ive sunk into farming with ZERO to show for it. Often times I’m still seeing low damage on weapons dropping from bosses in mayhem 10…

On another note, is anyone else having issues the anointments? I’m no longer seeing any of the new anointments drop on weapons. I’m also only seeing the same five anointments on weapons now. This is after a couple hundred legendary weapon drops.

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Is your Cartel event enabled? It might be related to that.

Its enabled and I wait for hotfix every time.

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I like a lot of what DPJ does but that little test he ran using his M4 pre mayhem 2.0 release showing droprates as a baseline also would have had the co op loot boost event active. It did also seem to boost drops when running solo.

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I love thicc fila. I hate that video becsuse he goes ofd i to his own personal assumptions about all zane players and his idea that everyone is blue tree capstoned. Etc.

I only use the movespeed tier 1’s 1 point of lifesteal and what i get from the seeingdead mod.

Seeing sead is the best and probably what makes zane awesome mod. Everythings damnn killskills Playing dirty is so nesasary for damage. Not everyone wants to play hypersliding all day. I use clone n shield i love it. I boss just as fast. Its all one damn skill.

Dear prowler i keep hearing many ppl say what yiure saying about co op loot event. I was able to farm like.that solo previous and during… Solo

Most ppl farming somethibg over and over are solo. Ita tedious to reload with another person.

I could farm dedicated alot better. Mayhem 1.0

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Keep it in context - I do not dispute there is an issue, I just pointed out that the test DPJ uses there is flawed in relation to overall purpose.

I thi k he addresses the hardcore you gotta play it like a fulltime job drops should take constant farming 100 kills to see 1 item doesnt mean its usuable thing with… Games have moved on. Ppl will move on.

I watched that video from Thicc yesterday and I completely agree and have been suggesting similar on these forums. The balance of the game is completely off. The number of mayhem levels is too high and having 10 is completely pointless. The scaling is broken. Half as many mayhem levels is plenty IMO. Maybe just make each mayhem level more distinct but that would mean modifiers that are better thought out than just immune to X element.

Some combination of fixing the scaling of pre 2.0 gear/action skills + lowering 2.0 stat bloat + nerfing new weapons is required at this point.


Pretty much agree with everything you said.

Mayhem 2.0 and Cartels broke the game.

Drop system? Broken. Multiple loot sources don’t drop at correct level and rates don’t scale as stated. And they still didn’t get the message to scale dedicated drop rates with Mayhem.
Weapon balancing? Broken. Everything pre-2.0 underpowered compared to new items.
Action skill balancing? Broken. Completely ruined all progress made on IB over months of work on it.
New modifiers? Broken. Several had to be removed because they induced catastrophic instability on consoles.

Build/playstyle diversity? Broken. Among other things, melee builds are nonviable above about M7 and virtually all M10 Moze builds only use IB to activate anointments.

GBX content developers sure gave their balancing and bug-fixing teams a plentiful supply of work, though. Not to mention giving their customer-relations folks more to do.


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from my experience, loot is back to normal. but still sucks because gbx wouldn’t agree to buff dedicated drop rate

Only some cartel and dedicated drops seem viable… Usuable loot is scarce.

Its also an issue becsuse well i thought claieviyance would be an ok. Item. Its poor even on fleshmobs. Even masher variant. Even with me having extta weapon damage and splash damage from.gear.

Its just garbage… I thought itd scale.well with its 5kx4 and 4kx4… I was wrong. It hits terrible.

Really.nothing feels viable but quite a few guns.

Oh and anyone can make trash guns look great when they can use 3 sources of ase 50%s. Or criting every pellet and shot. Ppl should go to tske down n do it. Cartel mobs arent hard.