📣BL3 Youtuber again! 🌠Post patch ⭐shows mayhem 2.0 is broken post may 7🖥

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Reopening in 4…

from my experience, loot is back to normal. but still sucks because gbx wouldn’t agree to buff dedicated drop rate

Only some cartel and dedicated drops seem viable… Usuable loot is scarce.

Its also an issue becsuse well i thought claieviyance would be an ok. Item. Its poor even on fleshmobs. Even masher variant. Even with me having extta weapon damage and splash damage from.gear.

Its just garbage… I thought itd scale.well with its 5kx4 and 4kx4… I was wrong. It hits terrible.

Really.nothing feels viable but quite a few guns.

Oh and anyone can make trash guns look great when they can use 3 sources of ase 50%s. Or criting every pellet and shot. Ppl should go to tske down n do it. Cartel mobs arent hard.

Hey there, in that video I just gave a short example of the seein dead class mod compared to the normal situation. I didn’t give full context on what all I would actually do with Zane and seein dead lol. You can probably imagine, me playing zane everyday, that I have a list full of changes. Well I do, if you check these forums you can see my old ‘buff zane’ post. That’s my full list and ideas to the character. I promise I am not in any personal assumptions just because I play a certain way :slight_smile: and don’t want that one example to take away from my ideas about mayhem 2.0, where I tried to express everything I could about it. And to be fair I left some things out about M 2.0 as well.


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Edit: first off thankyou for touching on mayhem 2.0 issues
Alot of ppl are shelfing the game. My wifes already done it. So getting gbx’s attention helps alot

Gotta understand ur the zane lord. You say somfin ppl listen. I mean gearbox listens to reddit and youtube more than anything…heh.

With great views comes great accountability and uncle ben’s rice or something.

I feel i need seeing dead as a whole com being coolcalm and clone full. I can finally do near equal damage as those sntnl cryos hitmen supremacist. Clone keeps my killskills up all day.
Asa200 was a Godsend for me alternative to digiswap.
I truely hate that i feel i NEED. Seeing dead as it is.

I was loving ur video relevant to the issues till the zane stuff… Thats like politics to some of us lmao.

Haha trust me I know it’s politics, I play the game too :). And don’t worry gearbox won’t get away with nerfing seein dead while our only clone class mod is shockerator! I’m waiting until they give us some good support for digiclone. They only crushed his damage with mayhem 10, and then nerfed the only utility of getting infinite ammo back. People aren’t happy about that aspect either.


To be fair i actually love my clone. But its weird as i notice shield drops off 3x while clone stays up post mayhem 2.0.

What do i mean how did i see this?

Pre mayhem 2.0 i would farm tom and xam m4

I could keep a clone on one and play with the other. Transformer shield and any shock splash is amazing for clone. I felt as if clone and shield stayed up forever so long as i crit and brainfreezed.

Now i notice sometimes i wont get duration refreshing. Its definite if ur in or near a random puddle have a dot etc that halts shield regen. Sometimes ill brainfreeze a target and ill be full and the duration wont comeback up. Ill have brainfreezed a target and nada.

Though Mayhem.2.0 theresthe opq if your clone has it with a transformer it stays up near forever as the splash heals its sheilds.

So i summon clone with opq he actually brainfreezes one of the twins often also and. I Use pewpew on the other one. Two or three weapon breaks and its dead.
As im getting free uptime on seeing deads playing dirty a singular point on com using clone.

To me i feel he is shining bright in m10. But only with double barrel. I dunno if they changed cool and calm. Feels more like a nerf As tom and xam was my religion. Ill rethrow shield multiple times while clone stays up… But i dont mind as i finally trigger ase’s now. But i use the 25%grenade reoccur hex.

Would be nice if we could have ase’s in spam like everyone else/ fake grasp, gamma burst the air etc.
Its how flak can spam spike anoint.

A whole new mayhem and we’re limited to seeing dead. Unless we’re sliding jumping fast off the rails heh.

Everyone can take advantage of overkill so its not like we got anything superb. Cant swap weapons with asa etc i have to plan when to drop shield for asa if clones using diff weapons.

Edit: sometimes i just wont get refreshed duration randomly even as i watch myself brainfreeze someone.

This is one thing I find weird. Why do we need 10 levels. From the survey I posted about Mayhem levels it seems M10 and M6 are the most common. The rest are pretty much not needed. It’s an “overchoice” with little benefit. The time spent adding those in between levels could have spent on testing M2.0 much better.


You know whats funny is that i feel m10 regular legendarys are scaled for m6 damage.

Minus the cutsmans at a whopping 6k damage for a smg. Its like the devs knew we need the generic wotan killer buffed up.

Agreed. The way they set up the incentives for mayhem levels contradicts having so many of them. There are guns that only drop at M4 and M6. Anyone playing on any mayhem level I would assume would play at least on M4 or M6. Certainly not M5 or M3 and I would argue anyone able to play on M4 could easily play on M6 so anything below that is a waste of time unless you are really, really lacking in gear.

Beyond that, anyone playing at M7 or above is likely playing on M10 now because the 100% anointment benefit only applies to M10…making M7-M9 pointless. If the 100% anointment benefit applied to M8 I would probably just play on that.

So if they really wanted to give people the range and granularity of 10 levels there wouldn’t be incentives pushing people into one of 3 mayhem levels. If the 100% anointment drop rate applied to lower mayhem levels like M7 or M8 and above this might make more sense but it doesn’t.

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I’m having a strange experience where I’m getting almost 0 world drops post hotfix but I get fine drops from boss farming. I put in about 3 hours of farming on mayhem 10 and got 3 opq, 3 sand hawks, 2 yellowcakes and a monarch which is much better than pre hotfix for me.

I think the underlying issue is that even if you get more drops, the world drop guns are just not scaled for mayhem 10 so they’re relatively useless. Most of the guns in the game right now won’t do jack on mayhem 10 unless they’re among the 10-12 that can actually damage, which I think is the bigger issue at hand here.

How long did ya farm katagwa? Me and my wife did a bout 100 kills and she said no more.

She wont play anymore. I did 10 hours before on warden n got one plague bearer. I kill him like.butter
We instagib katgawa …yes 10 im.stuck home cuz od the virus.

She wont play cuz stiff doesnt drop…i understand. Games too nuts for m10 tbh we hate the modifiers. I mean we Steamroll the contenr but stiff like annojnted not being able to get new gear etc. Whats the point?

I flick between a few mayhem modes depending on what guns I fancy using in that playthrough also if I’m playing with my Mrs I knock it down to m4 and that’s one of my favourite levels. Its slightly harder but it’s a good level for her as a casual player plus it’s got less modifiers which can make the game look really messy.

I’ll be honest I don’t really like the modifiers as they are so 4 and 7 are easier to re roll and keep the modifier numbers down. I’d like to see that worked on, less clutter on screen especially like the pools, lava, orbs ect. More about the health bars and elements, calling for reinforcement, enemies morphing…

Work on the modifiers and how to select them would be my preference, 6-10 mayhem choices would be fine for me.

You know it’s weird, because I feel like my dedicated drop rate is really high. I’ve only been playing the game for about 125 hrs total, including 2 characters to level 57. If I were to estimate I’ve only spent about 10 hours farming altogether and have got alot of drops. Like 10+ sand hawk, kaoson, yellowcake, opq or whatever.

I’m on pc, if you want me to send you a sand hawk, I’ve got a few that I don’t use

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Thanks but its just the satisfaction of getting something good from a kill. Neither of us really use the sandhawk cuz it runs outta ammo in seconds. Shes amara im zane.

Now if you have plavue bearers like frost asa200 or a cryo monarch x8 asa200 or cloneswap

I mean i have a buncha opqs and even a perfect moze version or amara of yellowcake an extra 100 splash dmg modifier 38kx2 i wondered why it wass 2k less than normal. Grease traps. I seem.to.have cartel.luck.but thats cuz i spawn 5 or 6 bosses ina claptrap cave and cluster kill them by the loot chest.

Gotcha, Yea I get that. Funny thing is I get alot of monarch drops but they’re almost always x4 and non elemental. I’m still looking for the cryo for my zane haha

I’m also still chasing after a plaguebearer, I’ve only tried that farm a few times. Is it worth it? I’ve heard that it’s basically a better version of the scourge

Man… I am so apprecaitive of all the hard work people like DPJ put into testing… but its not even needed. We all played the old M4 for MONTHS, going through a single area the floor would be littered with Legendaries, now its lucky if you get 1 or 2.

Honestly, if there wasn’t so much RNG involved (parts, elements, annointments, etc) I would like the lower drop rate to make legendaries feel, well, legendary again, but with all the RNG involved that wont work