BL3's soundtrack is awesome

I just want to convey to Gearbox that BL3’s soundtrack is great.
I feel that the music in a game is often overlooked or not given high priority, but BL3 shows the sort of difference that a good one can make. I don’t know who made the music for BL3 but they hit a home-run with it, it really livens things up and sets a good tone for slaughtering bandits. Bravo.


I have a couple of the songs in my Spotify list for running. I agree, the music is excellent.

Hell yes! When I’m not on a mission or otherwise am picking a map at random, I’ll often go to the Anvil just for the combat theme.

I hear the soundtrack is on Spotify? Like the ambient and combat themes for all maps, or just certain tunes?

Some of the music is really good when I notice it, but then it disappears into the background again and I forget about it. There’s one song that plays on the radio when you’re driving Maya that I really like, though…

That song, really? I don’t wish to sound mean but that song made me cringe when it played. I was talking about the combat themes in the different areas, but who am i to judge people’s musical preferences so i’ll shut up now.

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I have eclectic taste. It more often tends toward metal, but that song puts me in the mind of playing Ridge Racer and Jet Set Radio.

The problem with the combat themes is that I forget them. A snatch will occasionally stand out, like when I’m leaving Wainwright via elevator, but then it disappears behind what’s going on. Which is good for BGM, really. It unobtrusively fills in the blanks with occasional delight.

I don’t understand why Alicia Keys comes ahead of Cage The Elephant in the credits. I mute immediately before credits roll. :frowning:

I really like the soundtrack, but compared to BL 1 & 2 it´s only rank 3 in my book. Bought those on the spot and still listen to them often. The BL 3 soundtrack offers more variety though. The music for the Katagawaball fight is just great.

I think it’s all there.

I am often in the same boat with forgetting about the music, but really appreciating it when it catches my attention. The exception being FF7, that combat music is what I often drift away into in my flow state. That music has been permanently memorialized in the back of my head for gaming combat situations.

The music that definitely catches my attention in this game is the Captain Haunt boss encounter. It certainly improves the experience.

Haunt OST is the best track in the game. Takedown has some nice tracks too.

Bruh. Yes, yes, yes. 100% agreed. The soundtrack is completely overlooked because all the shooting and sound effects cover up the music in the background. I did a playthrough with moze with the sound effects and dialougue set down to 20% and the music at 100. I could still hear all the shooting, but the music was finally front and center. I was absolutely amazed at all the great music that I had literally never even heard before. Practically every area I went to, it’s just so damn good, and it’s such a shame that no one even notices it. I’m never turning the sound effects back up cause the music is just too good for me to ignore anymore.

The Katagawa Ball fight in particular is 1000% better with sound effects turned down. Rhys ball jazz is legendary!

I can only remember a few times after killing a boss, for probably the first time, that an awesome guitar solo played, and it really felt gratifying. But now, with Graveward collapsing, all I think is “so melodramatic, just spit out my legendaries”.

I wish we could hear it go up more often, but at the same time, if it happened every time I farmed an enemy, it’d lose it’s appeal.

I think all BL games have great soundtracks, although just short of making me listen to them outside of the games (unlike e.g. Mass Effect 1). They are great at providing the mood for the games, and in the end that’s the most important thing a game soundtrack has to get right.

That said, BL3’s is my favourite mainly because of the more pumping, hard trance-y (I pray to God I’m not drawing electronic music pundits’ aggro here) music in boss fights. They do a great job at pushing me to the edge, just as it should be in frantic combat.

My favourite location for soundtracks is Atlas HQ, they’re all brilliant there.

This thread piqued my interest and now I’m listening to the BL3 soundtracks on Soundcloud while at work. :level_slider::speaker::sound::loud_sound::headphones:

Yes. Whenever i start a new game one of the first things i do is go into options and turn sound effects down to no higher than 50%. Dialogue and music i dial up to max, but i feel in games the SFX mask the music unless their volume is tuned down. I do it in every game.