BL4: Add More Sirens

I’m aware that according to Lore there are only 6 (7) Sirens. That limit was cool in earlier BL titles, but now its starting to get a little crowded on the Siren scene. We already know about 5 siren powers.

We also know the Eridians used the Sirens to help construct and control the vaults. The Eridians also sacrificed their entire race to power the Great Vault. What if the Eridians also sacrificed Sirens to construct the Vaults?

What if each of the lesser Vault Monsters was a construct that used a Siren as the core of the monster? Or if the control circuit of major vault components had a Siren sealed into them to act as a sort of management system? That would explain why other Sirens can instinctively interact with the vaults, because a similar power is currently managing the device, and it wants to connect with other sirens.

BL4 could be about finding these sealed sirens and freeing them. BL5 could be dealing with consequences of breaking the control devices on the Great Vault. BL6 could be largely focused on a war between large groups of new Sirens trying to control Pandora as the largest single source of Eridium in the universe.

BL5 could be really interesting because one of the goals would be to find a way to replace the sirens released from the Great Vault. While Tannis is the foremost scholar on the Eridians, she may not be the best candidate for coming up with a solution. Atlas and then Hyperion are the companies that operated on Pandora the longest. Maliwan has experience with Eridian technology as well. If the developers want to try and appeal to BL2 fans they could bring back Holo-Jack as an expert to help produce control devices. Sure its a deal with the devil situation, and of course there will be a betrayal or three but it keeps things interesting.

Or you make Holo-Jack the guy hiring vault hunters and this time he actually gets to be the hero, with Holo-Jack’s little empire getting wrecked by a Siren Uprising in BL6.

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I think the Siren lore in the series excludes the ones we have known about being sealed. That would only leave one siren to work with. Here are the Sirens who have been active in the games and are not sealed:

Lilith - The Phasewalker
Angel/ Tannis - The Phase Shifter
Maya/ Ava - The Phase (& Thought) Locker
Amara - The Phase Trancer
Nyriad/ Tyreen & Troy - The Phase Syphon
Commandant Steele - Phase Mystery

You would have to negate all the existing lore brought forward in the Eridian Writings to justify there being more Sirens.


Also, if we are discussing magical powers only possessed by a handful of ladies across the Borderverse why would it be farfetched to assume that the abilities evolve? By introducing Eridium as an amplifier for the cosmic powers this would even further fuel the argument for the abilities to mutate per se.

Look at how much more adept Tyreen was with Lilith’s power than she was? Or Troy with Maya’s? Could it be possible that when the “spirit” of each siren power goes to a new host it gains strength?

This could lead to a completely different skillset based on the same ability. Let’s assume Lilith is gone and Phasewalk transfers to a new host. The same ability might have slightly different effects on a different person allowing slight differences inside the same skill.

The gameplay issue with this is the lack of character uniqueness. Even if they did put a new spin on an old skill it is still nigh impossible to make it feel new.

You have to consider Tyreen already had her own abilities and the power of anyone or thing she had already drained to augment any additional power she absorbed, and then she shared that with Troy.

Lilith has leveled up via eridium absorption to teleport Sanctuary 1 and then to destroy Hector. Do her power did evolve in BL2 twice. Then when she got her powers back, we can assume they were boosted with all the power Tyreen got from any remaining Eridium they were using to boost Troy’s phaselock after she absorbed him, and then whatever she absorbed from the Great Vault itself.

Maya was just starting with the use of Eridium, and it definitely boosted her. Tannis makes use of it twice over to boost her abilities, though when in Konrad’s Hold she makes it known she was extremely powerful and volatile from the start, possibly because of how much the eridium injectors augmented Angel’s power levels.

At this point almost every Vault Hunter can replicate the gameplay of the previous Sirens with one of their action skills, so the only value of Sirens is in the lore. case in point:

Zane teleports
Fl4k can immobilize enemies and entrance them
the all can apply elements to the shots
Athena & Aurelia were basically pseudo-Sirens


Why are the Eridians so confident that there are only a limited number of sirens? That hasn’t ever been answered. I can only see 2 possible answers. Either the Eridians scoured the universes for Sirens and gathered them all together to defeat the Destroyer, or they created the Sirens to seal the Destroyer.

There are problems with both theories. If they existed independently of the Eridians, then how do they know there are only 6 (plus sealed) of them? Did they search ever galaxy? Do they know for certain there is a limited number of them? Is it really not possible for more to exist? Also if they existed before the Great Vault was created, why are they drawn to it and why do they react to Eridium? Was Eridium created for Sirens? Or does it naturally exist?

The other theory is that the Eridians created the Sirens. Which begs the question of why are the Sirens human. Could they become other species? Were they created along with Eridium? What relationship do they have with Guardians and Vault Monsters? Can more be created? Is there a lab to create Sirens? If Eridium is linked to Sirens, is it possible to create a Siren by exposing someone to Eridium in a certain way? Like from conception? Why aren’t all Sirens born on Pandora if they are attracted to the place?

Why do Sirens have such an easy time controlling Eridian technology? Seriously, is there a relationship between Sirens, Eridians, Vault Monsters and Guardians? The answer is obviously yes, but the details are almost blank and waiting to be filled in.

And so I believe there is room to increase the number of Sirens to beyond what the Eridians said by breaking their stuff.

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The number of Sirens didn’t come from Eridians, it came from Jack and was then confirmed by Nyriad, who introduced the 7th. The question from that was if she was referring to herself as the 7th, or someone else.

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Reveal Crazy Earl as not only a Siren*, but as the hidden hand, manipulating things from the beginning. After allll that Eridium Vault Hunters have brought him, damn. :muscle: :exploding_head: Really make us look back on all those SDU upgrades and anointment re-rolls. :grimacing:

EDIT: *The offspring of a Siren and a Vault Monster


I say less sirens, I like vault hunters that don’t have inherit super powers. Mordecai, Brick, Moze, Zane, Krieg, Axton, Salvador - Those are my favorite types of vault hunters, I don’t like how in the lore sirens are super powerful but in the beginning of the game you’re still a level 1 pleb. I like the lore of a pleb leveling up to take on big monsters, without magic.

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Moze was the last survivor of the Ursa Core Valdov troops. Zane is a ‘retired’ hyperian body double turned assassin. Axton was a decorated and nearly court-martialed war hero. Salvador had a rap sheet longer than your arm.

Lore wise your first run doesn’t count because you’re suppose to be this total badass and you aren’t. You aren’t playing the game as told until you enter True Vault Hunter Mode. Seriously, who trust a ‘vault hunter’ that doesn’t even bring his own gun?

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If we take the intros as canon only the Borderlands 1 Vault Hunters showed up unarmed. Borderlands 2’s crew fought it out on the train and lost their gear in the crash. TPS’s mercs lost their gear in the rocket crash.

BL3’s crew cleared out a whole town fully armed, got on Marcus’s bus and magically lost all their weapons.

All it would take is two lines of dialogue to fix the continuity error:

Marcus, “No one rides for free, a ticket will cost you $1000.”

Vault Hunter, “I don’t have any cash, but I can offer collateral in the form of my gear…”

Oh and Zane was a corporate Assassin, not a double. An Assassin who has his own digital double.

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To be honest, all this siren BS in BL3 made my head hurt since it was so badly shoehorned in to the story that I don’t really care about the siren lore at this point. With that said, no offence OP but your idea seems even more dumb than one siren (or two) stealing powers from another or “passing them” to person of their choosing upon death.

I dont really care what they do story wise with the sirens after what they did to poor maya for plot for there new fav golden child & making us kill off Aurelia was bad writing .As long as they dont kill of what made bl good to me chs like tinytina claptrap hammerlock .I love how well the chs where in bl2 they where funny and interacted great. bl3 lacked a lot of that for me.

And hope they stop changing lore lol
And for the love of god bl4 better be the dame war …
and i hope ava gets killed off in 4 or a last bl3 dc.