BL4 Vault Hunter/Plot Wishlist

On last night’s insomniatic episode, I had an idea for a vault hunter in BL4: let’s call him Chandiri for now, member of a race of mysterious people called the Mesmers. Chandiri can utilize one of two action skills: 1) Corruption, which briefly stuns/interrupts bosses and turns up to three non-boss enemies into allies for a duration or until they die, or 2) Psyonic Blast, which deals splash-equivalent damage within a moderate range according to enemy proximity - the closer they are, the harder it hits.

Chandiri’s Corruption skill tree would focus pretty heavily on corrosive damage, evasion, and companion damage where the Psyonic Blast tree would focus on area/splash damage, shield capacity and regen, and action skill cooldown.

What kind of Vault Hunter would you like to see in BL4? What are its action skills? And what’s your inspiration?

Another VH for BL4:

A shapeshifting vault hunter called Thula whose action skill affords her time as Lycanis, a dire wolf which heals herself by bleeding targets when she attacks with dramatically increased melee attack speed; or Callista, a giant bear which acts as a support-type character, buffing damage and damage resistance for herself and allies.

The Lycanis tree buffs movement speed, crit chance, and bleed damage while the Callista tree shifts Thula’s skills toward melee damage, health regen, and damage reduction, again, for both herself and her allies.

Another BL4 VH:

Gronk is grouchy tinkerer and engineer who employs the use of homemade steampunk gadgets to dish out death on his bitter behalf. For his Hoplite General skill tree, Gronk puts his wind-up toy soldiers into the field which pursue, fire upon, and can even kamikaze enemies. Gronk’s second skill tree, AirCog Admiral, puts up to three steampunk drones into the sky for a moderate duration, debuffing enemies and launching air-strikes at Gronk’s command.

The Hoplite General skill tree focuses on gun and grenade damage, action skill duration, and fire damage while the AirCog Admiral tree prioritizes heavy weapon damage, and both elemental damage and resistance.

BL4 VH idea #4:

Zhy’cthulai, or “Zhy” for short, was once a vault guardian but now seeks the vaults to ensure that no one else can abuse their power. Whether or not Zhy can remain civil with the existing VHs remains to be seen. Zhy’s first action skill, Particle Beam, fires one extremely high-powered, penetrating blast of energy toward enemies in a narrow column, instantly killing anything with less than 20% health. Its second action skill, Ancestral Rite, creates a powerful elemental nova at a target location which leaves an elemental puddle on the ground and restores Zhy’s shield for a percentage of the damage dealt.

The Particle Beam skill focuses on crit damage, weapon handling/mag size, and sniper rifle damage while the Ancestral Rite tree revolves around elemental damage, shield capacity, and satarus effect chance/damage.

BL4 Plot (this is a long one):

At the end of BL3, it seems as though Lilith has given her life in order to save the planet from The Destroyer, and Sanctuary 3 is headed toward the giant sigil in the sky with the hope that she’s still alive up there. Unfortunately, a world-quaking explosion followed by the appearance of a planet-sized sigil of fire in the sky is tough to miss and has drawn the attention of other, less heroic entities.

The Tediore corporation has flown under the radar for ages, winning themselves the reputation of the gun supplier of the common man by providing inexpensive, reliable-albeit-weaker weaponry. In BL3, they are referenced multiple times as a company that, if it even exists at all, is a joke of a corporation. In reality, though, they’ve been garnering favor from the people of the Borderlands who constantly find themselves playing the role of “fodder” in the wars of the wealthy corporations for the latest tech.

When the sigil appears in the sky, Tediore’s Head of R&D, Johannes Smith - the stuttering but brilliant man responsible for inventing the reload “blink tech” that first put Tediore on the map - leads his corporation and its techies directly into the sigil while calling on the common folk of the Borderlands to lend Tediore their aid in putting an end to all vault wars. No one suspects ill will of the company, because they’ve always maintained such wholesome, even family-centric ideals, and the people of Pandora and every planet throughout the Borderlands flock to support Smith. This presents an issue for the VHs seeking Lilith’s whereabouts, because in addition to the vanilla NPCs, one by one, the people they’ve come to know and trust, not the least of which being people like Marcus, Hammerlock, and Lorelei, are manipulated into defecting to Tediore’s cause without Lilith’s leadership. Even Moxxi and Ellie eventually abandon Sanctuary 3 when we learn that Scooter, presumed dead for years and embittered by the fact, that no one even bothered looking for him, re-emerges as the loyal Chief Technician of the Tediore corporation.

Without Marcus to supply a constant stream of weaponry, Ellie to maintain Sanctuary and it’s proxy vehicles, or Moxxi to feed a constant stream of intel, the VHs have to rely entirely upon the most unstable members of the former team, Tannis’ and Crazy Earl who finally gets a backstory, and as it turns out, isn’t all that crazy after all (once an architect more brilliant than even Tannis, he stumbled across an ancient prophecy about sirens, their ultimate purpose, and the end of all things until he was captured and tortured by none other than Johannes Smith - then Tediore’s Head of Acquisitions - to divulge the prophecy and, thereby, giving fuel to Tediore’s mission of putting an end to all war). Beyond the often-nonsensical ramblings and leadership of the unhinged siren and recluse, the VHs must trust in their own skills and resourcefulness to equip themselves and discover the truth about Lilith’s demise. As they uncover the true - albeit typical - intentions behind Johannes Smith and the Tediore corporation, it becomes increasingly apparent that Lilith is not who - or what - she once was. By the end of the story, the VHs learn, that in giving her life to save the planet, Lilith became the fulfillment of that ancient Guardian prophecy, perfectly merging the inherent power of the vaults with the limitless potential of the sirens. Now the apex guardian herself, Lilith is deaf to the voices of her former compatriots and blind to the inevitable universal destruction her very existence creates. “I am the embodiment of all your deepest desires - power, greed, and senseless, unending destruction. Come, then. I will give you all that you want and more as, together, we enter oblivion!”

When the story ends, Lilith has regained her consciousness, but having utilized the combined power of all the sirens to permanently close all vault doors and destroy their keys, her tumultuous life finally comes to an end, and the Borderlands are free of the evil corporations which once controlled it.

I get a kick out of trying to connect existing dots.

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Oh gosh. Yeah, trying to connect every dot within the series is a hopeless task. For me, this would create a compelling enough plot to maintain interest while trying to plug some of the leaks in the dam of lazy writing. I also feel like it could make a pretty strong allusion to the current state of our culture and planet, although I doubt Gearbox will ever directly or indirectly draw a line between itself and the evil corporations of the BL series. Too much pride for that. XD

I think your ideas could very easily play into the framework I detailed above, and actually, I think it would make a lot of sense that way.

Here’s a VH idea:

A Tink whose action skill summons varied allies they can ride, as depicted in all the other games:

The Critter Tree:
A Skag
A Kraggon
A Bullymong

The Piggyback Tree:
The Roid Rage Psycho (behaves as he does in BL1, can’t be mounted)
A Goliath (fun sized and normal sized)
Smash Head

The Tinkerer Tree:
A Tink Turret
A Badass Tink Turret
The Jackpot Jackbot (in used / acceptable condition)

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I love that. Similar mechanics to Moze in that regard, and since Tinks are so tiny, they’d perfect for skills that improve evasion and movement speed. Gearbox would love it, too, because there’s not much there they have to build from scratch. Nice one!

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I was actually think of how Fl4k’s beasts can be upgraded as well, cause my first thought was, that I want to play as a Jabbermon.

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For sure. It’s a creative blending of existing skills that I could definitely get behind.

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Maya yells at Marcus for kill her in the story and tell different version. Then Gaige (Non-anarchy one takes over to tell her story) comments about one telling about only her chaos side and starts a story about adventure where her body split into two (Anarchy one and non Anarchy one). The non-anarchy Gaige is busy survive the war with Axton and Salavador or making a new deathclap.

Question where are all the Crimson Raiders rank and file? Create a Horde DLC with them holding out in a fortress or space station called Crimson Raiders

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So you’re saying they should completely abandon the existing storyline and Borderlands canon in order to create an entirely new plot just so that Maya doesn’t die?

The DLC idea I like, but beyond that, it’s safe to say Gearbox isn’t going back on the history they’ve already created however inconsistent that history may be.


Maya being alive doesn’t change the plot a lot only minor hiccup. The main male bad guy did adsorb her powers along with her arm.

She’s dead, my friend. Move on.
They’re not going to change it.

They did change a lot of the lore from BL2 to make BL3 lore.

And to your suggestion gives him the one finger salute

Amending lore is one thing.

Bringing back characters we watched die is something else entirely. The only reason my proposed plot brings back Scooter is because no one actually saw him die. It’s just assumed.

Who are you giving the one finger salute? Who is “him?” And what suggestion? The one about moving on?

The entire story is based on Marcus story telling. So, having Maya yelling at Marcus for killing her off in his story telling.

I am flipping the bird aka the finger salute at your comment “Get over it”.

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Okay yes, it’s all a story being told, I get it, but there are strong implications, that it’s a story based on actual events. Even with that in mind, though, not once has a character been brought back to life after watching them beyond killed in the game. Not even Roland, who was a much more influential character, came back to life for realsies in AoDK.

So fine. If they want to bring back Maya in a similar “fantasy” environment for a cutesy DLC, I take no issue. But your insistence that she be brought back to the campaign seems a bit obsessive, imo.

And your giving me the finger for suggesting that you move on from a hope that will not come to fruition is, at best, unnecessary and childish. No one is attacking you here, friend - just telling it like it is. If you can’t be civil, then our discussion is over. Thanks for participating. (:

Nobody said anything about cutesy. Also, your comment about “Get over it” was unnecessary and not civil.

And The story is being told by a guy who convince a guy he hero who get to marry Moxi for 1 millions credits. He know liar.

Also, the developers change the story and lore from BL1 to BL2/P\BLPS to BL3.