Black Friday is finally over

Everybody get everything you wanted/needed? we did most of ours online this year. and apparently, walmarts servers couldnt handle it. That or they were trying to get more bodies in the door, for impulse buying. But including katie’s $225 stand mixer and my $120 PSU (long term investments) we spent about 650 total on christmas. first time we’ve been able to spend that.

It’s still active here, I got 2/3 of my new PC ordered but just as I was about to order the last parts the gpu got outsold.
Quite salty about that.

Just the bought the handsome collection plus a $50 PSN card and an extra controller had to walk in the freezing cold just to get my copy but it was worth it because I got the last one :joy:

Unfortunately. My shop is quiet on Black Friday. No one buys booze. Our crazy days were all of this week.

Caught my attention that some places (Walmarts) reminded me Venezuela (the queues for something)

well its over for me, specifically. I’m going to be rebuilding my comp in feb/march when that return hits :smiley: fx 8370, probably another 4TB (10 total) since i’m waiting for refund season, i MIGHT just get me a 980 ti.

I got most of mine done on amazon. I still lack a brother, my mom, and my sister in law.

Past that… I did pretty good.

I think my nieces/nephew can damage each other pretty well with my purchases.

lot of amazon, lot of walmart.