Black Hole problems?

I’ve been playing Kleese a lot in story mode to level him up and get his lore challenges. I’ve got everything but his black hole challenge.

In story mode, his black hole ultimate has been EXTREMELY inconsistent for me. Sometimes it doesn’t pull any enemies in. Sometimes it pulls them in but doesn’t do any damage. Sometimes it works fine. I can’t tell why it’s failing sometimes and not others.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Yeah, once or twice I plant it in the middle of a group of enemies and it only pulls one or two.

Only in pve. It always works in pvp for me. Idk why it doesn’t always work right in pve though

In Algorithm, there’s the frozen swollen swarmer area after you beat Geoff which infinitely spawns a couple of little babies that you can fill up your challenge on. I tried doing it the normal way in grinding casual pve/pvp matches but the long cd black hole only does so much damage and doesn’t count assists.

My issue with Black Hole is the yellow indicator can be really hard to see clearly in PvP.

I would like it to have a stronger yellow outline to get a good grasp of where it’s about to land on the fly.

I’ve also noticed that Kleese tends to have a delay in being able to use his abilities after dropped BH. It feels like he’s ability locked until BH triggers it’s pull which seems odd to me, it’s not a channel ability is it?