Black Hole visual effect

So ive ran across this visual bug. it appears to only effect the game itself and not the UI at all. it also originates from a point in the game and expands out. Upon looking away and back its gone and fixed. It goes off and on about every 3 minutes. Will state that this problem occurred shortly after I got my new monitor (AW3418DW) on a game called steel division. So far it has only happened on a handful of games and on each game I can just look away and back and it will fix itself. I’m betting it’s my monitor but odd it only happens on certain games and on completely diffrent engines. I will be asking diffrent forums and reddits soon. But wanted to start here since it is noticeably worse in BL3.

Video of problem:

What I have done: Reinstalled windows twice, reinstalled and verified games, Reinstalled nividea drivers multiple times, changed every single last visual effect in-game (DX11, DX12, v sych, AA, Fidelity, Texture streaming, ETC…)

Man, I’d love to loot this legendary, but the nothingness seems to have swallowed all of Pandora.

Oh, if that’s happening on a bunch of different games you might want to RMA your GPU. That’s not normal, especially after reinstalling drivers. Did you use DDU by chance to uninstall the drivers?

Its only a very select handful. Steel division 1944 and borderlands 3 now are the ones i love playing but hard too becuse this. It doesnt happen when i switch monitors . So i know its something with the monitors, the question is what if its only on a few games. Espically games so vastly diffrent.

LOL i thought u meant YOU look away from your monitor. I’m like how the hell does that work lol