Black Market disappointments

I dont think Gearbox understands the concept of ‘black market’…supposed to be for harder to get weapons. 90% of the weapons they put in here are consistent world drops


They need to put the damn pearl of knowledge in there most players cant get this item with good rolls right now its just non dlc weapons which sucks.


Just look at todays selection, utter garbage, are you taking the piss out of us Gearbox. :sob:


Yeah wtf were they thinking with these weapons .I am convinced it is only going to be main game weapons and never any dlc weapons at this point they need 2 machines at this point 1 for players without dlc and 1 for players with dlc just put it in the dlc maps that way is best for all players.

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Complete TRASH… I could go to my loot machine on my ship and it would spit out a better assortment every time. Why would GEARBOX hype this up put garbage in it? Just make something worth doing. But this is reflective of the Diamond Room Vault which also has worse items in it than my loot machine.

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