Black Market Machine Disappeared

I changed my mayhem level back forgetting it was on a lower difficulty and when I went to return to the vending machine location it has disappeared completely. Relaunched from different locations to no avail on return. The vending machine does not reappear.

Where did you find it in the first place?

It’s in ambermire this week. If you load in and you access it then quit it seems to disappear. I’ve checked with 2 different characters so far.

Is it in the same map every week, just relocates to some other corner of the map when reloading the map or something? Will it be in Ambermire all week, and if so, did someone randomly stumble across it, or is the location mentioned somewhere? (If not, that should definitely be a topic here: where’s the machine this week, and who posted about it here first?).

Moxsy had a video on YouTube with the location. I don’t know if it relocates somewhere else on the map once you quit or if it’s gone for good until next week. I would guess it’s on a different map every week. I would assume there will be a post in the location every week

Based on the wording of the hotfix I’d assume that it’ll be in the same map until it relocates next week. But quitting or changing the Mayhem level next to it will cause it to despawn and not come back.