Black Ops 3 - inspiration from Destiny and Borderlands perhaps?

I read a preview of that game today. Might be the first game of that series I’ll try in 4 years.

a) it will have 4 player online coop
b) some titanfall inspiration
c) some destiny/borderlands class based inspiration

Thoughts? Typically I play borderlands games as my FPS almost exclusively, but sometimes I give other things a try. It’s typically hard for me to try out other stuff because I get too used to the flexibility in Borderlands. The gun system, the classes, how player death is handled, etc…

But come November I might be willing to at least rent Black Ops 3 for a couple days from redbox.

Also, I may revisit Destiny this December if they have a good deal on the game + DLC for xbox one.

Or maybe I’ll just go back and play all the 360 games I ended up with between buying, gifts, and free gold games.

Ramble, ramble…

Its inspired by a companies need for more money.


Since i agree with you, here’s the perfect gif.


David Vonderhaar is a huge Destiny fan, so that seems to have influenced some of his decisions in the upcoming game.

Personally? Treyarch zombies finally has a full XP level up system in BO3. I’m excited for that.

There should be a major expansion released by then, so I’m sure there will be bundles.

As for the Call of Duty series, I think I’m done. I didn’t even care about Advanced Warfare, but I do plan on renting it to play the story. Probably do the same for this one.

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Oh yeah. More than likely I won’t care much for the PvP as I usually don’t. Haven’t cared about PvP in anything since Unreal Tournament 2k3. That’s when PvP was fun. And plenty of stuff before that. Mario Kart is one of the exceptions. Oh and Halo 1 on PC. When I could consistently play blood gulch vehicle ctf for hours on end. Every version of halo on consoles has pissed me off for a decade because of it’s completely non-gearbox like matchmaking.