Black Screen After Marcus Intro Cuts-scene Unplayable

After loading up the game and starting new game the Marcus cut scene starts then ends in a black screen no sound or anything so its literally unplayable. Are there any fixes ive reinstalled the game already .


I’m having the same issue here on the PS4. After the first cut scene, the screen goes black. I tried a variety of things: switching profiles, starting games in different difficulties, and restarting the game, however, nothing has worked. I’ve started playing the game in other profiles and when I load those they are fine (apart from some minor bugs) but all of a sudden I can’t create another character save. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Same issue here. Attemtping to create another character but nothing happens after Marcus’ cut-scene. What can we do to get past it?

Okay so I just got around this. Start the game with a 2nd account. Once you are in the game join on your main account, create the new character this way. The next time you load into your main account you are good to go.

Shouldn’t have to do anything with a second account. I even tried do a defrag, and still nothing. Nothing like buying a game and it’s junk right away. All the hype and fall 100% short

Seriously? This is the only the fix?

Getting this issues too! first I couldn’t play because of an issue with the latest patch… downgraded and now I can’'t play the game from the disc either. This is ridiculous.