Black Screen bug while starting up game

Hello there,

I would like to ask for some help/advice with my problem. I just bought the game and the first thing I saw after clicking HW 1 RM was my two screens going black, no sound no nothing it just crashed and didn’t let me do anything.

I contacted the tech support that gave me some ideas but sadly we couldn’t fix this issue leaving me with a bought game I can’t even use.

Did anyone have a similar problem (or solved it?)

I run a i7 4770k with a GTX660, main screen is a Dell U2713 (2560 x 1400) and the other is Benq (1080p), games only run on my main screen.

What I did do to help and solve this, updated drivers for my graphic card, disabled mouse DPI, updated a lot of stuff plus disabled my integrated graphic card. The only thing bothering me is that I read in one of the posts to set the nVidia panel control so the game was taking my primary GTX 660. A lot of people said to click to the main graphic card and set some stuff but I don’t have them visible I can’t choose certain options like on the more powerful cards.

So thats the only concern I got and couldn’t set.
Any help would be great.

Best Wishes,