Black site help

I play basic crit FlAk tried to run it a few times kept dying after like 20 min totally blind on how it works just know it’s end game stuff
GT : Cujo9878
Normal mode mayhem 3 -
Resetting till I don’t get trash modifiers

FL4K has the most trouble by far soloing the Blacksite. Having ase Life steal anointments are some of his best as you can use Rakk attack to proc it. Enemies taking more damage after Rakk attack is also very strong. One of his biggest problems is how so many anointments hurt a variety of play styles.

Red Fang is good if you can get enough Action skill cooldown to keep it up most of the time.

Lastly Cutsmans(Corrosive and shock, Brainstomer, the Dictator (Corrosive, Shock Cryo) are some of the best weapons for the Take down on anyone.

Also if you didn’t know it is balanced for 4p. An event is coming next week to cause it to scale down based on the player count for I believe a week or so.

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