BlackBox Glitch

So I was heading out of Ridgeway to T-Bone Junction in a racer, and when I crossed the loading zone I was out of my car, so I headed to the nearest car place thing, spawned one and teleported to the driver seat only to appear in this place…

PS. No I don’t think this is a tribute to the BlackBox Game Pirate…


PSS. I own the game legit btw :
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It’s a known glitch I think, just don’t get out of a car immediately after entering a new level and you’ll be fine.

Then why had no other person posted about this glitch, I think im the first one to post about it…

I see, I joined this forum just last month, so I didn’t know that nobody had posted about it.

well a quick few google searches will return nothing at all.

“sunken sea car glitch borderlands”
“sunken sea black box borderlands”
“borderlands stuck in black box in sunken sea”

Before there were these Gearbox software forums, there were the vBulletin-based version. These got archived and, in the process, the URLs to all the pages got fubared so that they’re effectively inaccessible and unsearchable. That’s why you won’t find too much content, references, or links to original Borderlands stuff any more.

right ok, probably was discovered then.

I lost count of the times I fell through the map and ended up in the box.

I always wondered if that’s where the gbx motto came from.