Blade Dancer's Shoes - True Strike midair

The +5% damage for TS that we have on the shoes now make that very expensive item utterly useless.

However, there’s one thing I really miss on Phoebe mechanics. It feels so natural that she should be able to TS while midair. I was thinking it’d be cool to have it through helix mutations but maybe put it on the shoes instead of the damage buff?

That won’t make many people start using the shoes as they will be about just as useless, but for some it’ll be a quality of life improvement. A fun one at that.

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This is so true. It’s really annoying that she can’t use it in mid air and dont really get why either… ;p

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I dont understand the buff on the shoes. +5% to all dmg with each consecutive hit of TS. are they trying to promote a ts mechanic where we just try to right click all day ?


Im curious about the mod too. How does it stack? And how high can it go? Does it have a cooldown?

In meltdown, you could lay in on some minions and potentially stack damage up super high. I havent tried it yet, but I intend to.

Adding the ability to True Strike in midair would be a huge boon. Despite having hover boots, Phoebe has always felt a bit vertically challenged. A long time ago, you would have to make a nearly pixel perfect jump on the Algorithm to make it to the right-side Crystal Shard platform following the Henchmen fight. She was even provided an adjustment to her jump height in the April 14 Beta hotfix, but she still feels lacking. And it seems rather counter-intuitive that she can Primary and Quick-melee midair, but not Secondary, especially when weaving True Strike into her combo is an integral part of her kit.

They need to do a much better job of describing certain traits. Because it sounds like if you true strike them 10 times that’s 50% more damage from literally everything.

The way the 5% damage buff works it is is each hit after the primary true strike in a concecutive combo will do 5% more damage. It wants you to combo your melee and promote precision over a blind flailing of blades.

The issue is it just 5% and the moment you are not hitting anything aka miss or attack when you did not mean to and missing said buff is lost. The issue is if you want max damage your running attack speed, attack damage and if your going glass cannon cool skill damage all ether rogue or Jennerite gear. This legendary is just designed to give you a bit of everything that help a more basic phoebe build sadly its at steep cost. If you playing with her helix mutation that gives her 150% true strike damage after a combo you want speed not necessarily precision as you only have 2 to 3 hits that get you the big numbers. Obviously if your trying to maximize your damage you want to hit and crit on every strike but sadly in active gameplay this is not to realistic. Cool gear cool idea just dose not work terribly well in practice.

for those that don’t understand why the boots are good: these are useful in chasing enemies, it is a fairly common occurence for me than an enemy runs while they have just enough health to takeblade rush and a few truestrikes before they geet to base/team mates etc. phoebe can catch up to them with increased movement speed/sprint speeeed, but can’t use melee combos, the best option is to just continuously truestrike. So basically, get double hit truestrike and now your chase game is rediculous (truestrike for base dmg, then a quick one with +45% dmg, then +10% and +55% and they should be dead)

That said, you may just want to use something like symbiotic gauntlet for a +19% atk damage at full health all of the time. it even increases your movement speed too.

Hm I don’t know, that would require quite some +move speed gear to keep up the chase. Phoebe is kinda slow all by herself and I find the best way to catch up to opponent is still to phasegate in with +move speed and the slow. Meaning inflicting a few full combos would then be possible and always a better damage burst than “waiting” between two true strikes occurences.

I’d just never chase an opponent with phoebe without her phasegate up to catch up to them. Unless they are already just right there under my nose, of course. Even then it seems a bit… clunky to have to re-sprint between each True Strike.

I guess I see your point but I still believe a cheaper atk damage, atk speed, or even move speed item would be a better option.

I agree. it would require movement speed. Good thing thee shoes are movement speed items… I also use a sprint speed item so i can chase as well. if i had gogo juice, man would I be in business.

I fully support midair true strikes as it makes sense for a character’s mobility attack. And she floats. She FLOATS