Blade Rush is still pretty bad

Am I alone here?

Is it useful for anyone else? Anyone get regular mileage out of the wound/silence? Maybe the shield helix?

I really think it should do something extra by default, because right now it’s just kinda…there.

It’s nice as a silence but that’s a situational helix.

Unintended innovation is great for shield guys. They still get hit by the splash damage and its activation is extremely fast now so you can throw it in with your attacks for a quick burst damage. It’s not THAT bad… with or without silence. Just wish it had something else with it because if you don’t use silence, it will basically just be good for just add on damage. Wish they added each blade hit gave 1 second of wound so if you connect all shots, that’s 4 seconds of wound then it will be more useful. I don’t wanna use a helix choice for that.

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I don’t like blade rush at all and I maimed Phoebe for s good while. They should slow or weaken blade rush and just make that her alt attack then give here a REAL special attack in its place.

Maybe they should have added a small shield pen to blade rush since they took away the helix. That would have made it quite nice.

I feel like Blade Rush should have been her secondary and a new skill should have replaced its position; though Blade Rush’s effectiveness should be brought down to make it balanced. I’m not really sure what could be done to make it more appealing to use in combat really.

Give it a new ability.

When Blade Rush hits an enemy, Phoebe can use Phasegate to teleport to her swords and land behind said enemy, ignoring distance/LOS requirements for Phasegate.

But double the cooldown.
Maybe even lower the slow on Blade Rush Phasegates to 3 seconds.

Hell, let this be a helix replacing one of the utterly useless Blade Rush helixes.

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Now that I’ve thought about it, another good change could be to change blade rush so it doesn’t actually shoot the swords out but rather have them spin around Phoebe for like 3 or 4 seconds (Kinda like a mini Dreadwinds but not nearly as cheap). They could have helix options for pushing enemies away or slowing enemies or something along those lines. Anything to actually make the ability viable.