Blade rush lore

Dealing 2000 damage on a single use anyone accomplish this yet? If so how what did you build and for helix its hard enough even hitting someone with blade rush let alone having it hit someone for that much damage seems way to hard to do.

Have a look in the other big post , here : Any Phoebe tips?
I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll assume it’s also a good place to try and get the 8kills with a single Blade Cascade challenge !

Huh. I tried that all night. Could never make it work… I think I was falling short of 2k.
At one point I switched to Raddoppio instead of Unintended Innovation - retain the piercing, off with the explosive - as I was under the impression it was dealing overall more damage and I found it easier to get all the ennemies in a rough line rather than all packed together. I did more than 3000 damage once, it didn’t validate.
People were also successful in getting the challenge done by hitting Isic’s core during mission 1, it’s a guaranteed crit per hit. Sure, it also inflicted up to 3000 damage, but it still didn’t validate the challenge.

My guess is that critical strikes with Blade Rush don’t count - either they aren’t taken into account during the overall blade Rush use, or only the base damage are.
Meaning the easiest way to do it is probably to get a Reyna to overshield you right before you Blade Rush, with the Conduit helix o, or kill the ranged in hope of a Overshield drop…

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Yo guys, I actually need some help with this too!
I’ve been trying this yesterday. I had shield gear, extra skill gear and crit gear. So my buddy played as Reyna and did everything to make her overshield epic.
We went to The Void’s edge and tried it in The Void(At the final boss, when you get teleported away) and we couldn’t make it work. Blade Rush seems to do such little damage…

I’ve been reading a few posts in the Phoebe Tips topic but… I just can’t do it. :confused:

hmmm I don’t know what else to say - Shield Stabilizers, Unintented Innovation, Core Overload and The Conduit. Reyna isn’t even needed since in the end I was able to do it solo.
As I mentionned, I couldn’t make it work up until I figured I had to REAAAAALLY take my time and hoard them together the best I could, ignoring the ranged who will keep respawning and eat at the Void’s “health”, and jumped and aimed roughly at the center of the mass.

I know how frustrating it is when someone tells you “oh just do that and you should be successful”, especially when you have to play the whole mission all over again. But really, I fear the thing that you miss may be, just like it was for me, in the execution rather than in the theory. Maybe you go too soon, when they aren’t close enough. Maybe you launch the Blade Rush at the ones in the front rather than try to get the middle, resulting in less splashes.

Have faith, you will prevail =)

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Well, I’ll try it solo then…
Did you do it on Advanced or Normal? Not sure if more enemies spawn on Advanced, so making it easier…

Yep, did it on Normal. I don’t know about Advanced, the thought of doing aaaaall the mission in advanced was somehow… disheartening.

And by the way I’m not even sure Reyna’s overshield actually do something. I was under the impression I hit the same with or without ( as long as my regular shields were full ). I may be wrong because in the end I was more or less on autopilot mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk either. I’m extremely bad at paying attention to exact numbers. ;p
I hate this lore challenge so much, I really don’t feel like trying it again. :confused: But well. If I wanna be a Master of Phoebe…
Well, I actually just want to read all her lore because her lore has been amazing so far. (Escpecially Dance lessons pay off and My Butler Buddy.)


hehe. I now only need my butler buddy, but I’ve been a bit distracted by things and couldn’t play as much as I would like to. Found only one Marquis during that time. Oh well, that’s a start :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to I think is the second mission, upgrade for increase shield, shield applied to damage, and skill damage increase. During the second phase of the last boss battle you will be teleported to fight these creature things, kill the range and group up the miles ones. Get somewhere around 10 of them and aim at the ground. Should do 90+ damage each and will easily get it as it will hit all of them.

I was able to get this one done on the last defense part of The Renegade mission. On the second wave when the thralls are spawned on the platform in a giant bunch a good long ranged Blade Rush should do the trick.

My relevant helix choices were:
-T4 Unintended Innovation (for the AoE)
-T7 Core Overload (15% increased skill damage is invaluable)
-T9 Refined Technique (more distance = more damage)

I stood on the roof of the building and shot straight into the pack just as they spawned and was able to get it done with ease. Good luck everyone!

OH! I forgot to tell ya guys that I did it. Mainly thanks to @wolrajh, so thank you a lot!

Hehe congrats ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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hi guys,

i accomplish this on the first try, got some +shield gear and + ability power.
then on the “void” when you are sent to another dimension i killed all the ranged attackers and create a pack of enemies, jump in the middle and use the blade rush, is not hard if you think it should be done at time, NOT on one target, so, the helix that make blades explode is vital to accomplish.

Not only is 2000 damage impractical with normal gameplay, but apparently 2838 < 2000. At least the latter should be dealt with. Must I get 2000 for 1 of the 4 hits instead?

I noticed crits do not factor in the result. I made 3k+ in a single Blade Rush on both Isic’s core and the Varelsi husks during the “void” stage of mission 2 final boss ( I didn’t take the exploding blade rush, letting the skill pierce , which resulted in a lot of crits via headsots ). It never counted.

So as far as I can tell, exploding Blade Rush is required, and Isis’s core ( and everything that is a guaranteed crit ) won’t help hetting the challenge… Your best bet is still hoarding Husks during the Void stage in Mission2, with everything in your helix build toward improving skill / Blade Rush. Exploding Blade Rush, Shield to Blade Rush, +Skill damage, as well as a high +Shield piece of gear and possibly +skill damage.

Seems really silly to me to have a challenge that requires you to go welllllllllll out of your way to complete, when i read it i went and tried isic since it made sense. Havn’t gone to the voids edge yet but darn its a bugger id rather just “deal so much damage in so many matches” its such a cray number

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I still have no clue what I am doing wrong. Voids edge, hit the varelsi and see many 100s in the air with all the shield boosting buff, and gear, and skill boosting gear, and I still didn’t get it. face desk

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Did you jump above them and aim down, theres a vid on youtube that shows it well but i can’t remember it, i had problems too

Took awhile, and I eventually had to do the trick in the void, but finally got it. Oddly, it also unlocked master of phone even though I’m not level 15 yet.