Blade rush most useless boring ability ever

It does not clear waves, it does not do good damage to champs, it is on a 20 sec cooldown. I know it can silence them with the helix pick. What if i dont take that? This ability needs something.


I agree, I think the cooldowns in this game are a lot longer than they should be. Especially with how fast paced the game is, for a character such as Pheobe to have a skill that is actually quite useless is very… Hmmm… Very… Bad. It’s bad. Maybe it could use a damage buff, or maybe later along in her Helix Mutations she gest something useful there. I don’t have a highly ranked Pheobe, I came to the same conclusion you did after reaching rank 4 and realizing she isn’t for me.

Here’s to hoping your thread gets some notice.

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“Blade rush most useless boring ability ever”

I’m guessing you haven’t tried Whisky Foxtrot’s Scrap Cannon lol

^couldn’t agree more. Cooldowns in this game are far too long


Completely agree. I only use Blade rush to spook enemies… I love Phoebe but Blade rush needs a bit of a buff.

I wouldn’t say it’s useless or boring, but I do think it’s underpowered, and could be reworked a bit.

However, as it is now, if you combine Unintended Innovation (explosive Blade Rush) with the Close-Quarters Training Mutation (damage boost when at point-blank range), you can shotgun it into minion mobs and kill them very, very quickly, which is good in both Campaign and PvP. It also goes quite nicely right in the back of a camping Marquis, to strip his shield and get him running.

Blade Rush does seem to be very, very susceptible to latency issues. It’s a slow-moving projectile, with oddball hit detection, so you often have to lead a laggy target a LOT to get it to connect. This is why Unintended Innovation is the clear choice against players with bad connections–it gives the blades some splash damage, so you can aim it at their feet, like a volley of rockets.

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I actually never tried that mutation for fear that the explosion effect would be too small. Perhaps it makes the skill more usable but as the first post said without taking the silence mutation it’s sorta worthless in it’s current state aside from the fact that it’s a tiny bit of extra damage added to a target.

Blade Rush is way too underpowered, and it is quite useless in game really. It isn’t really aim-able imo(I have only played 2 games a Phoebe though, have seen my sis play quite a bit with Phoebe though.) I like the silence helix choice for it, but it still feels really bad.

Phoebe main and have to agree on it being useless.

Doesn’t matter if I’m going LMB auto attack dps or RMB skill focused, it’s useless and the level your forced to pick a helix for it just seems like a wasted level all together.

Horrible damage, long cooldown. Even if you set it to AoE it’s only doing like 45 damage each blade and the aoe isn’t that big. It’s barely more overall damage than having just held LMB and attacked mobs.

All it’s downsides used to be countered by the fact that hitting it and doing your combo could setup a stun. Now with just a silence (and only if you pick a specific Helix) makes it just not worthwhile. I’ll go matches where I’m 20-3 or something and never touched the ability at all.

For how bad it is, it really needs to have something built in that makes you want to use it that isn’t gotten from a helix with how clunky it is.

Something like a debuff where a % of damage done to target is drained back as a shield to Phoebe, or if the target dies while the 5 sec debuff is up it completely resets Phoebe’s teleport (or halves it’s cooldown or something). Just something that makes hitting it worth the trouble, the silence ‘can’ come in handy but I don’t think 1 helix should determine if you ever use the ability or completely ignore it during a match.

I like the idea of it marking an enemy and then having some innate effect for your regular melee attacks, basically the silence helix but innate to the skill… And maybe with some more useful effect. Damage amplification comes to mind but is kind of boring yet obviously strong.

Yeah I also considered damage amp, but honestly Phoebe isn’t hurting when it comes to damage. She does a crapton already and throwing more at her may give them reason to start hitting her with the nerf bat in other areas.

So was trying to go with stuff that either helps what she does in other ways, which is really just a slight survivability increase or mobility. Just depends if the increase is better in straight tank type survivability (draining shields/life or gaining an overshield or something) or increase mobility (lower teleport cd or short speed increase after finishing combo on someone with the debuff).

At the moment I’m liking the idea of Phoebe gaining like a 2-3 second 20-30% speed increase whenever she finishes a melee combo on someone with the blade rush debuff on them. Making her stick to targets that much better without increasing damage or survivability.

meanwhile galilea gets the easiest stun to land, and the ability to just primary you to death within that time. even post nerf, gali is stronger than phoebe was when the ctt first dropped. i personally would be ok with leaving gali as is, and restoring phoebe to even where she was after the first nerf. even having a short window to land a combo, while gali is regenerating health, dealing extra dmg, etc., i would still outplay most of the galis out there if phoebe still had her stun.

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