Blade Rush's Animation

It’s a little too simplistic to me. I wish the skill was more like blades that floated in an arc above you (or around your screen in first person), and when you reactivate it, it shoots. It would be more of a visual spectacle that way. What do you guys think about blade rush’s animation in general?

It’s as fast and precise as she is. Lacks flash though. Roughly as boring as the skill itself

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Yeah it’s never a fun or rewarding skill to use. It just kind of happens and you’re like, “well thanks for the silence”

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Her other 2 skills are great, visually. I think they should do something to that skill so it’s not so lame. Even rotating energy swords for 5 seconds would be cool.

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They definitely need more dynamic helix choices for it

what if there was a helix that let you charge up the blade rush and release all the blades at once. while they charge they would rotate around you until discharged in a giant burst no unlike Aria’s attack where she kinda dose a similar thing.

I’m just going by what might look cool for that idea because i don’t really know Phoebe all that well.

I’m cool with anything as long as it’s visually appealing in 1st person. It looks like garbage right now. Gearbox should not underestimate the importance of visual aesthetics in any game.