Blah blah blah, please. (A recommendation for Borderlands 3)

Can we have an option to punch NPCs in game to make them shut up and progress with the story. And of course skip cut scenes.


Skippable cutscenes (or NPC introductions), not having it is one of the seven deadly sins of gaming.

No. Please, no.

They may say important stuff, you know! And having skippable cutscenes would kill the epic character title cards.

So, No. There could be an option, but if you do that, you will now earn a special Torgue skin known as “HUGE A-HOLE.”

This wouldn’t work, Borderlands 3 will be fresh, people will want to know all the dialogue and cutscense, it is very easy to miss-hear or ever miss sections of these. Especially with the whole “Melee and they shut up” not everyone is a nice guy/girl on Multiplayer.

Maybe could work as an option, but I highly doubt they would implement it.

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This never bothered me, since the cut scenes in Borderlands 2 are always short and when a NPC is speaking you can still move around, interact with stuff, access the menus, etc. I don’t see a reason to change it now, as it could cause some new problems and annoyances.

Maybe not in normal mode, but in TVHM and UVHM it could be a cool option.

I love the borderlands 2 cutscenes/dialogue. Doesn’t mean I dont want to skip them when I listening to it the 20th time.

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Uuuuh people. I’m not going to skip the cutscene the first time I see it. But I’ve seen every single cutscene In BL2 at least a hundred times. That’s when the skipping starts.