Blast master farm

Does anyone know where the best place to farm these is up until a few days ago I was getting them to drop regularly from troy and gigamind, but now I can hardly get one anywhere

The Trial of Discipline boss supposedly has a higher chance of dropping the Blast Master… but you’ll have to run the trial per farm.

Thank you pizza

I’d suggest just grinding a boss you can kill quickly, like Graveward – or I can drop you one if you’re on PC.

I agree with this. You’ll get more doing a boss that drops several legendaries at a time

Yeah the trial seems a long grind and I’m on ps4 thank you for the offer economist I already have several including 2 different ones with 5 points in vampyr but I’m looking for one with smg damage or weapon damage combined with splash damage and I can kill all bosses quickly I was just hoping there was a more accessible one to farm

Gearbox must hate me I’ve farmed every boss repeatedly for last 5 hours not one has dropped let alone with the rolls I’m seeking fml

I believe i may have what your looking for. 1 w/o redistribution but has smg/splash/(shield recharge?) And another with redist with smg/heavy/(???)
Im not 100% sure on the final passives though feel free to add me n i can send 1 when i get back - psn = steeveyb

If you have one with splash and smg that would be perfect!!!

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I’ve added you (bizkit8369)

Alright, im still out for a few hours but will bookmark this as a reminder.
Btw if you come across any mindsweeper coms that have 2 of either pistol/smg/weapon dmg that would be awesome

I’ll check what I have think I have something that fits the description

Would any of those help you?

No…the first 1 but that grenade radius is an evil thing with TCP, i was running 1 that had 23% splash radius n that wasnt pretty so i can only imagine. Thanks anyway though, just thought it would be worth a shot :slight_smile:

Are you after any thing else I have 100s of items

Not currently, im sure theres alot i could use but that is my current target, ill send the blastmaster com anyway as i dont have a use for it

Really appreciated mate thank you I have kyb’s worth em-p5 tediore shotguns some of the new weapons so if there’s anything let me know

You good? I have a couple of good spares as well.

Do they have smg or weapon damage combined with splash damage?