Blastmaster build choice with +3 points

this is my “current” (minus a few points) build, adding the 3 points i have a few possibilities

-shortfuse + 4 points drowning in brass

-shortfuse + some for the road

-Forge + some for the road

-Drowning + experimental

what would be best?

I’d go shortfuse + DiB


alright ill try that thanks

Can you share how this build feels? I’m looking for a new build, lacking a blastmaster with splash damage CM though…

i experiment alot with this since i basically only use a bm build, but it mostly depends on situations

for bossing id suggest going for SftR and SF

for general mobbing/trials or circles DiB is amazing and the capstone depends on your equipment

if you struggle at keeping your mag up and feel too much downtime waiting for them to reload or manually doing it, forge is go to
but if thats not a problem SF + SftR is my current go to for general play

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Awesome I’ll give it a try later. :grin:

Some of it depends on your weapon of choice. Personally, I like to maximize damage as long as I can throttle ammo regen. So, for a 37+ mag Kybs, I run 26pts into blue tree to grab Short Fuse, I run 14pts in green tree stopping with 4 points into Scorching RPMs, then the rest (11) goes into red tree, 5 into Armored Infantry, 5 into Drowning in Brass and 1 into Experimental Munitions. My class mod have +1 in Redistribution giving me 2pts total. Between Redistribution and Means of Destruction, keeping my mag from reloading is easy and I’m putting out big damage.

If you have a weapon that has a very high rate of fire or low mag count, you can always equip an artifact with 40% mag size.

yeah i have all of that item wise and sometime struggle in keeping my mag up, mainly with smg’s like kyb’s which is my main weapon so going up to SftR by grabbing iron bank helps out alot, though it might just be my kyb’s since i only have one idk if its a bad roll rpm to mag wise, im trying for a better one rn

also i dont like going for experimental much as i sometime just stop aiming for the head in favor of easier hits and waste the perk, but im just specifically lazy so thats just me

Short Fuse helps proc Means of Destruction and ammo regen, it helps to have a class mod with a point in redistribution too. Is your Kybs and x2 or x3? What’s the mag size? X3 is almost impossible to keep from running dry, you need 40% mags and 5 in Iron Bank.

i dont even think its a 2x XD and without iron bank its 33 mag with a 40% mag
MoD helps alot with +2 redist but i always just slowly but surely run out after a few enemies in a group, as long as i pace my shots, throw nades to proc means+redist when not shooting im fine but iron bank help alot

I like this for mobbing and it’s what I roll with 99% of the time when I’m just putting around or dicking off.

Com is Blast w +Redistribution

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i basically run the run the same mostly, depending on the situation, though i prefer to max out skag den with one point from vampyr, though thats cuz my mod has +3 vampyr and that does enough for me, and dont take rushing offensive, though now im gonna try cuz one point might be worth it

I was reading and noticed you never came to a conclusion for your build.

Does this mean it’s a 3x kyb’s? If yes, then you need to use forge. Unfortunately that sacrifices your DPS potential.

So either get a 2x with a large mag size on the card, or honestly just go grab a Westergun. Wester is less DPS but you’re able to get a good one much easier through farming. Plus, it will allow you to do the recommended builds people have given you in the thread. I’ve cleared the Takedown somewhat easily using only a single Westergun.

In Borderlands 3, hearing that a gun is really good for a character doesn’t mean whatever version of it you get your hands on will be good.

A general rule for Moze is to try and get the highest mag size you can for that gun as a priority, if you plan to use her best com Blast Master. A low mag size of the best gun is useless for Blast Master (almost always).

Regarding kyb’s, I finally got one last night after 15+ wotan runs. It’s an absolute beast, but I’m confused on its ammo regen. My 2x kyb’s has a mag size of 76 and will literally stay at max ammo while shooting at enemies and I never have to let go of the trigger. My x2 westergun has a mag size of 83 and a lower fire rate, but can’t shoot infinitely like the kyb’s and if you hold the trigger down it will come down to 0 after a while. What gives?

Oh, the kyb’s doesn’t consume 2 ammo I guess. SOLVED.