Blend it all into one big game like IG2

Hello devs,

First a big thank u for Deserts of Kharak. It fits nicely into the homeworld scene. That brought my up to an idea:

Have you ever played Imperium Galactica II? I wonder why no one has ever created a solid remake of that game. So why not blending Homeworld and Deserts of Kharak. Im not a developer and i cant oversee the impact of what im going to suggest.

  • Homeworld as it is expand it with planets. Colonizing, terraforming planets. Make the Homeworld maps BIG with different sub systems like in Haegemonia. To colonize planets you need resources (from HW).
  • Once a planet has been colonized it must be build up with buildings (IGII). Those “cities” must be defended with the craft from deserts of Kharak. The planets must be defended with the fleets from Homeworld. Give planets planetary guns, make sure Homeworld fleets are able to transport tanks from planet to planet.

Create a newer IGII but bigger and better. Just some thoughts…
Now im going to play the Deserts of Kharak campaign.

Great to have devs from HW back to business!

Greetz, Bee


You probably haven’t met, but I’d like to introduce you to my coming friend, Stellaris. Which ought to pretty much cover your desires there almost out of the box, and given the Paradox community’s penchant for modding, possibly within days of release if you’re persnickety.

(Or at least as close as you’ll get. The real underlying issue is that stellar-scale conflicts are at a wholly different scale than ground conflicts, and meshing the two goes – poorly. Unfortunately, as best represented by IGII.)

Thank you for the link. I have watched some information about the game on You tube and despite its fantastic graphics i will decline Stellaris. As soon as i heard that combat is not realtime activated (you cant control your ships during battle) i was off the hook.

I was hoping for the same too!