Blender DAE Exporter for HWRM

(D Kesserich) #141

Yeah, that changed a while back. Tolerance is pulled from the draw size on the empties, so you have a better visualization of the range on them. Apparently I forgot to set that up on the exit nodes. I should probably fix that for consistency. There’s also probably still the bug you mentioned earlier where new dock paths don’t draw as spheres for RODOHed ships.

(Siber) #142

Yup, that bug is still there. If you decide to tackle rodoh comparability at some point, an automatic way to convert flags and other data baked into the node names back into blend properties would be very handy, and would probably mean a little extra inter-operability between blender and max using modders.

(D Kesserich) #143

RODOH compatibility kind of falls under ‘writing a new DAE importer’ which is a pretty huge project.

(Siber) #144

Full compatability perhaps, but you can already get pretty close without that by having the step of converting to fbx with other tools before loading into blender

(Sastrei) #145

@dkesserich are there any known issues regarding exporting a ship with non-square (1024x512) textures?

Blender DAE - > HODOR gives me this

Sending that same ship to 3DSMax via FBX gives me a normal looking ship (3DSMax DAE - > HODOR).

(D Kesserich) #146

I’ve been using a 2:1 texture for a ship that I’m making and it’s worked fine.

Double check your UVs in Blender? If your initial modeling and UVing was in 3DS Max maybe something got messed up in the conversion over to Blender.

(Sastrei) #147

Native blender, but I will double check.

(D Kesserich) #148

If that doesn’t work, try it with the texture at 2048x1024.

(Siber) #149

So, I reached a point of bafflement with my dock paths today that provoked me to open up the exported dae itself. The segments are all being exported with tolerance value tags… but they’re all Tol[1]. I can assure you that not all of my dockpath nodes are tolerance 1.

This is related to my previous post on the topic:

dock entry paths don’t seem to be getting created with tolerance properties on their nodes, like exit ones get. And at the same time, the dock paths I’ve tried to make don’t work, even if I add tolerance properties manually to their nodes.

Both the ones that came with the tolerance values and the ones I add them to myself are showing this behavior.

Once I’ve gone in and manually edited in decent tol tags in the dae, dock paths are finally working decently

(D Kesserich) #150

Again: The tolerance value is pulled from the draw size

It pulls from there for both Entry and Exit SEG nodes, so ignore the Tolerance property on the exit SEGs, because I forgot to make it so that property isn’t created (or get latest, because I just fixed that bug). Also: TOL is an integer only property, and Python always rounds down when converting a float to an int, so if you put 1.99 in there, it’ll still show as ‘1’ in the DAE.

(Siber) #151

Ah, my understanding from your previous statements was that the draw size should be pulling from tolerance, not that draw size would control tolerance exports. I was imagining the information flowing in the wrong direction. Nor did I know where to find it, due to unfamiliarity with blender. Thanks for the info, and the update.

(Sastrei) #152

@DKesserich - any idea what I might be doing wrong that would make blender export this:

<source id="MULT[Turret0]_LOD[0]-texcoord-0">

instead of this?

<source id="MULT[Turret0]_LOD[0]-UV0">

(D Kesserich) #153

You’re not doing anything wrong. That’s how it exports the UVs in the library geometries. It hasn’t caused any problems thus far.

Is something not working right for you because of this?

(Sastrei) #154

It’s only exporting those gobbledygook messed up UV textures now, even for square textures (my post #145, above). Not sure why. I’ve gone over and examined everything I can about the materials setup in Blender and can’t find any issues, though obviously I must be missing something.

(D Kesserich) #155

Standard drill: send me your blend file and your textures and I can try and figure out what’s going on.

(Sastrei) #156

Soooooo I have a question/request - is it possible to make the Blender exporter work with Cycles materials as well?

(D Kesserich) #157

It’s possible. It’l be hard for me to find the time to do it for a while. Cycles materials would also lose a lot in translation.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #158

Noob question:

I downloaded the addon from github, put the HW_Toolkit folder in my scripts/addons/ directory, loaded up blender and saw nothing.

Then I tried putting it in /scripts/ and still nothing…

What am I doing wrong?

(HWRM Resurgence) #159

did you enable it from blender?


search --> homeworld

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #160

Thanks, that was it! How about import? Is there any way to import HODOR-ready DAEs into blender?