Blight Phoenix!

Per this hotfix, Blight Phoenix got a buff. In practice, I’m definitely seeing it. Is the damage what you’d expect? Is it enough to build around? Might it change the way you play Maya? For me: heck yeah!

New combat strategies for me include using Thoughtlock with Converge and Sub Sequence. Run into the middle of a mob (Varkids, Bullymongs, Skags, Spiderants… things that won’t take cover and are prone to Converge), Thoughtlock the nearest enemy, and immediately kill it (grab something small to make this quick). Converge will re-trigger on the next nearest enemy, and if you’re centered properly, the enemies will be converging on your fiery, corrosive Siren. I’ll use singularity grenades to get the mob condensed once to start sometimes. I’ve been able to let Sub Sequence bounce from target to target, killing them with repeated applications of Helios, and a standing order of Blight Phoenix.

I was also able to tank through a Rift Thresher’s spike damage with a Heartbreaker when a) Blight Phoenix was up and b) the Rift Thresher was slagged. That’s a lot of game mechanics to line up for something like this, but in a field of Threshers, this may keep Rift Threshers from “surprising” me with a quick death. I need to repeat this a couple of times to be sure it’s something I can stand on, but it may no longer be the death sentence it once was.

How is the new Blight Phoenix treating you?

Very interested in this topic! Grabbing my popcorn and Cherry Pepsi.

I have a question as someone that has not gotten the hotfix yet. Before-hotfix the damage was around 12k and 17k per tick for both elements at lv72 op0, unboosted. How much are the numbers now under the same conditions?

I don’t have a Siren at level 72, but at OP3 (with BAR off), it is killing slagged chump enemies right before my eyes. I’m not sure if Bone of the Ancients relics buff the elemental damage. I seriously think they nailed the damage on this - it’ll steamroll chumps if they’re slagged, but will only damage bigger guys (who either need repeated application or assistance from your weapon).

The buff to Cloud Kill was definitely welcome, and while it’s a game changer, you don’t really do anything different to use it in combat with the possible exception of timing shots around the cooldown or using singularity grenades/Converge to pull more enemies into the cloud (if you’ve got something more enlightened, do tell!). Blight Phoenix is changing the way I handle my character. Specifically, I’m playing more of an aggressive role, Converging mobs around me to maximize Blight Phoenix’s damage. This changes how one of my Sirens rolls a bit. First, I prefer to do this with mobs that prefer melee damage (so they won’t be lurking behind cover). First, eyeball a small/weak enemy, and use your own position as well as singularity grenades to get the mob centered around that guy. When they’re close, get yourself right on top of him, Thoughtlock him, and he should immediately die triggering a second Ruin/Converge cycle and lighting up Blight Phoenix, which will begin to roast the now slagged mob who, while they’re all over you, are not focused on you. Then just chase the Thoughtlock orb around (we’re rockin’ Sub Sequence) as you can. Sometimes it’ll grab a big guy, and if it’s early in Thoughtlock timer, I’ll polish him off with a weapon. Otherwise, it will bounce around from enemy to enemy re-triggering Converge, Ruin, Helios, and Blight Phoenix. I’m recording some video… if any of it isn’t awful, I may post it here.

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Cherry Pepsi? Bleh! Nuka Cola FTW! :grin:

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I may not know poetry, but I know what I like.

Obviously this has to happen almost on the same day Fallout 4 drops :acmsad:
People who make light of first world problems obviously aren’t gamers.

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So glad I main Maya, she’s undergoing such interesting adaptations these days.

I can attest to the fact that at OP8, with BAR turned off…she is a monster.
Just ran WEP w/ her and it was glorious.