Blind effects in PvE?

This seems like it might be a good forum to pose this question. I’ve started playing as Orendi recently (never realized how much I would absolutely love and adore this character until two days ago. I’ve been missing OUT!) and some of her skills give the ability to blind enemies. I mostly play PvE, so have any of you noticed abilities that blind doing anything to mobs in PvE matches? As in, does it function as a stun, do the mobs just wander aimlessly for a second or two, or is there no effect in PvE, just PvP? I’ve been bypassing those helix choices in PvE, assuming they do nothing, but I thought I would check with other plays who might have more experience with this than I do.


You can tell what blind does when you play Caldarius, since Flashbangs do it by default. On PvE enemies, blind essentially works as a stun, since they just end up cowering in place while shielding their eyes. Sometimes I notice that if you hit them during that pose, they have a chance to snap out of it, but they still have the “glow” effect that says they’re blinded. It may also affect their aim, but it’s hard to tell.


With Caldarius, as @grakor456 mentioned, it works like a temp stun. I really enjoy the option on Advanced for charging in or dropping flashbangs after an ult into a dangerous situation.

Short answer: yeah, works fairly good in PvE.

Yes, Blind ~= Stun in PvE. That said, very few enemies have enough health to survive Orendi’s ult … so basically you’d be using that helix choice purely for bosses or mini bosses.

Thanks so much for all the information, folks! This is all good to know, and I’m glad I asked. Maybe I’ll go home later tonight and play with it a bit to see how it fits into my play style.

Same thing for silence