Blind matchmaking mode?

Would be cool to add a matchmaking mode where no parties are allowed and you can’t see anybody’s level or rank in the matchmaking screen. Similar to I think it was barebones or something in CoD. It can take longer than it should to find a match when you hit 40+ because a team of lvl 7-12s will just quit when they see your level. I am guilty of this as well - dashboarded last night when it put my random team of 10-20s up against a FULL party of 5 70+, and a lvl 100. Was like hell to the no, thank you!

I know there may be ‘skill’ based decisions in matchmaking, and level ‘doesn’t’ matter… but realistically, a lvl 100 should have their act together.

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I see where you’re coming from, but it seems a bit odd to have a mode where people can’t have parties in a game designed around team work.

I totally understand that you are saying this to avoid getting steam rolled by a party of 5 when your team is all randoms, but that’s just kind of how these types of games are. Even in your scenario you could come across a group of 5 random people who have their headsets in and are communicating while your team seems to be eating paste and finger painting.

The games I join solo I usually have my headset in and try to verbally get teammates to rally on certain objectives, even if they don’t have headsets (I play on console, so the audio will usually still go through their TV).

You’d be surprised how well randoms can work together if someone is giving suggestions and not barking orders.

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In a few weeks the majority of the regular player base will all be level 100, regardless of skill level. This is a solution for a disappearing problem.

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I just liked the no-parties playlist in general in other games. Was nice to take a break from parties and have a guarantee you were playing with other randoms.

I’d love to have such an NSA mode, where we just log in, play, ant to hell with it.


^^ what this guy said

instead of a blind matchmaking, a balanced matchmaking will be better, anyway is not incompatible.

I proposed just another way already