Blind/Stagger Bug

I’m sure you love being pinged about bugs, @JoeKGBX , so here’s another one I frequently encounter as a caldarius main:

Blinded AI enemies no longer act stunned (blinded) if they are staggered during the status effect. “Stagger,” in this case, entails either being knocked-up, or being staggered by the standard knock-back effect that accompanies many melee attacks.

[e.g. On a thrall]
( and for comparison’s sake here is the conventional, non-staggered blind length


I thought they made it so that blinded AI no longer get stunned in the last patch?

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That was actually a misprint, which they later corrected. They changed it so silencing no longer stuns AI (and it doesn’t), but the bug that I’m talking about affected silenced AI as well.

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This was true for Silence back when it used to stun AI. That’s why Rath’s Silence only every staggered if you took Concussive Smash.

While on the Topic of Caldarius, blinding, and bugs:

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For the past couple weeks I have also seen and experienced Shadowfire Pillar blinding Battleborn. At first I thought it was another of the many Bot Battle glitches, but I’ve seen it happen in the PS4 league recordings.

There was also something funky going on with Catalytic Smash and bot Orendi after the patch, but they seem to have been more or less fixed.

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Thanks, everyone – we’ll look into this!

@odiferous_hermit – can you PM me your BB Profile ID? Thanks!


Wow, something big dived way under the radar with the last few patches. A lot of CC seem to be acting really weird and unreliable.

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