Blink Storm bugged?

Once again I have to ask the Holotwin Inc. here a small question.

Does anyone else have issues with Blink Storm lately? Sometimes it connects to an enemy and stuns them even when it should’ve been cancelled, sometimes it seems to connect, but enemies just walk out of it again. Don’t know if it’s a lag issue, but I’ve seen it happen mostly when I also had some burst dashes that did no damage although I’ve clearly hit them.

I think I have some video footage of both incidents (even when I’m sure already that I’ll embarass myself with at least one of them, because it was the most stupid dive I ever made). I’ll try to find them and edit them in here when I’m back home again.

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i used it one time and i was still attacking but the people became unstunned and started walking around as i was using it near the end. Only had that happen once. Also can fetch her and have blink storm still activate.
Blink storm as buggy as fetch right now maybe.

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…I’m a Deande pro and confirm this is a thing. :acmaffirmative:

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As I’ve come to believe, whatever was done in a previous patch seems to have seriously screwed with CC/status effects…


I’m starting to think a patch or unannounced back end work might have done something to the servers. I’ve noticed there’s been an increase in server/connection issues (more failed lobbies, teams getting DCed, servers crashing midgame, extreme lag spikes, etc) in tandem with stuff like Fetch, Blink Storm and even Paradigm Shift suddenly becoming unreliable.

As far as anyone can tell there’s no reliable pattern to these skills just failing, and it has been happening to multiple characters across different platforms, so it might be back end damage to the servers that is causing them to drop certain effects or skills.

Ofc I have no idea what GBX has been doing behind the scenes so I could be spouting complete nonsense.


I’ve noticed the same thing - been posting when I see odd stuff in the XB1 tech support area just so there’s a record of it.


Blinkstorm stuns before Deande leaves her physical position by mere milliseconds. It’s possible for you to break her out of Blinkstorm before you do any damage and still get the stun off.

Alternately, if someone is under minus CC effects they can move about during the duration of the blinkstorm. Pendles is a prime example of this. His cc reduction cuts the duration of the Blink storm stun, however the ult keeps the same DPS and so he takes the remaining blinks of damage while moving around and watching his health bar drop to nothing. The same effect is observed when Reyna cleanses someone out of Blinkstorm


Even before Fetch and Paradigm Shift, Blink Storm was a buggy ultimate. The Holotwin glitch (which can still be replicated somehow), and the Wall glitch, are just to name a couple. I’ve had instances where:

  • Players have been standing directly in the ult’s AoE, yet the skill doesn’t connect.
    This doesn’t occur very often though, and is most likely due to me trying to ult people from awkward positions.
  • My ult had been cancelled, and even though they took no damage, the stun still applied to the players I was targeting.
    This is down to the ult getting cancelled just as the stun activates however, which results in a trade of CC instead. The stun procs before the damage, so it’s possible to do this if you have good timing.
  • I’ve stunned a Gali in my ult, yet after a few seconds, she was able to walk out of it and even use her own skills despite being damaged by mine.
    Whilst I did record this, it has not happened again since, so it’s probably a rare bug. I also had a Ghalt who was able to freely move around whilst getting ulted by me, but that was because he had his lvl 10 mutation active.
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There was a Reyna on the team, that might have been it. I did look if the ISIC and Caldarius yesterday ran CC reduction gear and they didn’t, but forgot that Reyna has a cleanse.

I’ll watch my footage back later.

I have no idea if KU is still capable of doing this, but he used to be able to knock Deande out of Blink Storm with his own ultimate.

EDIT: Nvm. If this happened, the damage of Blink Storm would also be negated. If I remember correctly, it completely cancels the skill.


Teams yesterday, when people walked out of my ult:

My team: Ghalt, Orendi, El Dragon, Alani and Deande.

Enemy team: ISIC, Oscar Mike, Reyna, Caldarius and my very dear friend Rath.

It might have been cleanse, but I will know for sure in a few hours. :slight_smile:

Yep. I actually had someone run full cooldown on KU against me and every time I ulted or did anything he would use his ■■■■■■■■ bubble skill to pop me away and heal everything. It was actually infuriateing. Only time I’ve seen that done though. Makes you wonder about that little guy’s potential…


…The Boldur bot, very embarrassing for Gbox. All he does now is shop.
As Mental Mars and I have noted, this ChangeList programming shanfu:

is atoning for his sins.

He has committed crimes against the Battleborn community and is now paying for them. Also, tuesday is now bath day. I hear he doesn’t like it.


I pity the poor soul in charge of cleaning him.


…Tuesday is my least fav BB day…Steam Tuesday :japanese_goblin:



i should probably get back to work on cosplay… >.>

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And that’s exactly what Rath did in the match. In the other game: ISIC and Caldarius walking away from my ult was indeed caused by Reyna.

Congratulations on analyzing the events correctly without even seeing the gameplay footage. :slight_smile:

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After roughly 800 collective hours of Deande across multiple platforms and accouts in all modes and against every advisary, ranging from the lowly thrall to the infamous target ban, and in both privet testing/gaming and the public eqivilants, its a rarity that i havent seen something regaurding her. It still happens. Holes in my knowlage may slip through, but for the most part i got your back fam :hearts:

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I’ve had it happen a couple of times where Rath has knocked me up as the ult is about to go off. Rath has taken the stun from the blinkstorm and I’ve been free to go melee him along with the holotwin lol.

As for burst dash you often won’t connect in bad connections.

I red / yellow bar mostly and many times you will burst dash into a target close range (to the point where their hitbox stops your momentum) and still burst dash doesn’t connect.

Playing melee characters at all in bad connections kinda sucks tho so no surprise there.