Blink Storm bugged?


The problem: I’m usually green bar, but still have quite a few cases where my client prediction disagrees with the server. :frowning:

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Whelp, if you’re struggling in green I have no chance.

Time to ditch shield stacking and real burst dash for ground zero and eternal disapproval from @Nemosis327



It’s not always. Most of mine hit unless I’ve messed up, but there were some very weird moments with it.

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(it’s a meme now)



@Nemosis327, since you’re here: I’ve also seen a few “WTF happened to my burst dash”-moments in your streams. Any idea where that came from? Some of them also had been green bar.

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It happens. I attribute it to poor aim. My primary reason being that if there were instances where burst dash neglected to do damage then they would have become apparent during the numerous testing runs I do under control circumstances. There is no way to know for sure though as I can’t accurately replicate the situations this happens to any degree or reliability, especially on the part of the server and how it is strained differently at different times. Anecdotally though, people have sworn to me that there is something wrong with burst dash. I get where they are coming from, and by virtue of the sheer number of people reporting the same thing I am willing to credit the claims, at least in the sense that some thing might be wrong. I too have had many WTF moments, I usually just try to pay them no mind though because I can’t know for sure.


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I just blame every missed burst dash on Burning Sunset.



Well, I changed my build to have a small buffer against those instances. The shard gen ist gone now and the blue LLC max health item took it’s place. I’m quite happy with the result and it solved some of the problems I had with just the cost of having to work a little more to get my gear up.

  • I’ve noticed I can’t play a true assassin style, because this caused too often that the only thing I can really do in a game is gathering shards and sending out bots and Thralls (I tried it in some games lately, I probably could’ve been AFK for 80% of the match since there was next to no opportunity to strike). I think my friends try to send me a message by always counterpicking Deande - one day I might try out a surprise Toby or something like that.
  • Being on frontline very often robs me of my shield, the extra health gives me some additional seconds before I have to retreat.
  • When I’m messing up a burst dash, I’m not as vulnerable as without it.
  • I still have my shield strength+skill damage gear which allow me the occasional diving and flanking.
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Right I forgot about that. That game was pretty fun until I “missed” that dash. Fkn legendary gear that isn’t nemo approved.


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More health is always a solid choice. Dying less has always been a good way to go.