Blinkey's Adventure: A Great Hunt, Encounter/idea to revitalize that Borderlands magic.. Storyboard and Boss encounter scenario

This is a work in process. But help with jokes or quotes is always appreciated i have the story board down. Ill add more and organize it better.

I hope others can enjoy the concept.

So this game While it has gravewarden and that mobile fortress fight for the story with agonizer doesnt have a giant rakk hive to fight… Ok we dont need one…but we need something like it.

Enter Blinkey

A story about a very large newly discovered pandoran animal

Imagine. Cross between a Rakk Hive, Tardigrade and a Rhino.



The Gr8 Matey Eight.
Renowned and know by even sir hammerlock. An Australian Crocodile Dundee type of muscular aged man who joins you on this animal preservation and retrieval mission.
Who drives a large mech. Is secretly

…Sailor Eden6… An agent for a child of Aurelias…named Jakob…sent to an orphanage. A hidden child with alot of inheritance regardless if she didnt get the jakobs Corporation…whoever he is… Hes a kid and he has Aurelia’s genes… Influenced by remnants of Various corporations… And ultimately hes a guy Who betrays the eff outta you… And abuses the word Mate… Mate. Got it mate? Great.

Que the story… A mini space ship by aliens has been swallowed by a gigantic pandorean beast… It contains alien stuff and a million trillion billion worth of technology. Apparently it was dislodged from whatever orbit it was on post story. Hidden in debree fields within a useless asteroid. It crashed into pandora according to Tannis and was eaten by Blinkey. Refered to as a giant terrestrial creature… As its not yet named.

Clues to an old and shadowy secret organization with members coming from each corporation incase of alien invasion known as the Sailors… Each sailor watches over a planet and is beholden to its corporation.
Its basically a self defense tax and liability write off as explained in an echo found… Its not even that serious. The members are idiots and suckers beliving in a higher purpose… Voiced by General Knoxx himself…corporations Getting along for a higher purpose ha.

Things heat up as Sir Hammerlock becomes interrsted in what appears to be a new species. Tannis is interested in what may be an Eredian Ship.
Rhys finally calls and alters the vault hunter that ok so every corporation seems to want that ship including me. But im one of the good guys ill be sending my Best.

We need a giant space with multiple levels of areas alot of random spawns flopping out of a gigantic beast and the whole thing is super armored…
It spans two whole maps. The initial a patch of desert like open area by mountains with moss and metal and erridium.

The second is an open area the desert ending into a giant shallow stretch of water and algae. Eventually to the Ocean… Threshers live here and there is a giant cave system. Parts of it blocked off till later but you can get to certain parts to get shots off…

They’ll do comedy tropes about a … Main tank… A literal tank… That distracts the beast… Its Saturn bl2 like version called… Sailor Promethea…While we the players attack the arse… Yes we then players literally have to shoot its only critical spot on a masssive beyond building sized beast…carnivora/agonizer vehcile scale but bigger… Shooting its brown eye…crits flying out the arse… No matter what build you have it takes a few minutes of nonstop arse pumping bullets with all sortsa horrible innuendo True borderlands style. We have to attack the rim of it to get the uhh back eye open…

It has a bluish greyish cover…

References to

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
But the reverse case literal.

It becomes a brownish area

Now imagine a gigantic rhino but without a horn… It has alien giant blue eyes. And well 6 leggs. Looks like giant leathery skin. But definitely a rhinos/elephants butt. Its face and eyes are like a rakkhive but without rakks and its larger beyond larger. Itsa different and new beast according to sir hammerlock

After awhile… The creature farts… Stuff flies out… Radiation and corrosive… Maybe even lava…

While you chase it…

Players have to do this on foot so movement speed matters… Projectile speed if youre not close enough for rockets etc…

It has a gimmick that anything over 50 mph will get exploded as it shoots out defenses at highspeeding.
targets coming towards it as it destroys rakks.
Sir hammerlock explains why it could be related to a rakkbive that doesnt want rakks. Who the hell wants holes in their back with a bunch of rakks crapping all over you all day… I say we must save this creature.
It eats metal and moss. Coincedentally an alienship was covered in it and is made of metal.
Its slow enough to chase and keep up running. But you do have to run.

A californian accent dude drives some kind of death bus folllowing it… It contains a boatload of psychos
References to the movie Speed are made here but to go slow.

It has multiple phases but it doesnt look like immunity phases… The eye uh clenches now and then… Giant hyperion style Robots like saturn and jupiter spawn from other corporations…they all got Tank treads or hovers

The navy scouts… Sailor planet names… It ends with Sailor Uranus attacking beast’s critical spot and saying… This anus is mine not “ur” with it constantly punching the beasts… You have to break off sailor uranus’s parts like leggs arms. Etc so he falls. And you can kill him.

Now remember Sailor Promethea? As you kill those other corporations he gets parts from them and says…

With your weapons combined… I am Captain Atlas!

And he becomes the ultimate badass captain Atlas before your eyes…

Hes on your side for now…

The beast regenerates Its cover but captain atlas blows it off with his MoonPrismCannon and he says… By the power of the moon i am captain atlas and references hes using a moon weapon while this beast is mooning us.

All while mini beast occasionally spawn and psychos with cars come from the beginning of the map in quads every 10 minutes. They drop off psychos.

But everything fights… The corporations the psychos the beasts…

Everything drops ammo… The beast farts ammo but ull definitely run out of ammo multiple times.
Its not hard its intense.

Que to the final map. Blinkey is attacked by a Gigantic Thresher. Sir Hammerlock debates the situation but ultimately says to hell with that blow that thing up.

We canndamage many of the thrrshers arms.bit eventually it gets irritated and hardens reducing damage to that area by alot.

Eventually ull get a preperation Helix launcher.
Quest item.

Reference to preperation H… And It Penetrates DEEP…Relaxx…written on the card.

Basically its a debuff extra damage weapon while it shoots does poor or normal splash. Reloading it throws the weapon. It shoots creamy white globs of medicine. The reload penetrates targets and explodes multiple times. It has the Freeman rocket launcher effect but doesn’t despawn on impact… Its shaped kinda like a uh… Suppository or a Carrier ar/opq… Same thing.

Its a Atlas Torgue Tediore Moxxi hybrid joint effort.

Its used to make the thresher eventually let go when it hardens which happens when its irritated. It becomes so relaxed it sinks into the ground.

Que ahh preperation H to get rid of that pesky irritation

With enough preperation H the beast relaxes craps out the ship… A literal ton of loot and the quest is complete. But its not over yet as one last barrage from different corporations… Bandits and strange aliens worms that lived im blinkey’s butt on the ship… With eggs :slight_smile:

You get a part dues taking a duece…

It apparently has eaten alot of technology and only crapped a small part of the vessel.

Repeatable… Basically spawning not only every corporation but increased giant robots… That launch Mini robots… Flying creatures… Gaurdians… Psychos…

Our goal isnt to kill the creature just give it a stomach ache…

Back to the main story.
… Eventually you get an update to help a baby version of it as big as a house… But its cute and pinkish And later it/the adult helps us somehow… Cuts to Jakob the kid wanting us to help Blinkeys baby… Which is named Pinkey

Bandits want it as a warbeast pet. Mystery ppl want to obtain it as you fight mercs… Threshers want to eat everything. Youre reintroduced to stalkers.
The baby is driven away by attackers into the cave system. By the final area we get the ship out of Blinkey and get rid of the thresher

Basically as you escort blinkey out killing everything eventually you reach annexit which. Has the mega gigantic thresher and Blinkey fighting as Blinkey wants its baby.

Part two is Son of Terramorphous vs Blinkey
… A thresher filled area… Shallow water… Grass Other enemies too… Rakks etc but eventually youre there for a terramorphous style raidboss but its fighting Blinkey for whatever reason… Threshers are nuts. Youll use blinkey as cover and help blinkey whichnis beingnatacked by other threshers and tentacles from son of terramorphous.

Now and then blinkey will fall and youl be focused by son of terramorphous… Ull have to run alot… Shoot alot. Kill tentacles. Learn a fight etc.

When Blinkey engages terramorphouse its dps go time.

There are no invulnerable stages just reduced damage until critical spots open up or are in view.

Not keeping tentacles off blinkey causes him to fall meaning more trouble for you

It goes through different stages.

Attacking blinkey. Blinkey falls it focuses players.

Sometimes it will burrow and just spawn tentacles andnother threshers pop out. It spawns different elemental tentacles similar to terrmorphous at different intervals. With a limit to them.

It sometimes reaches a hand tentacle out tracking a player the way agonizer 9000 tries to crush the player. Hidden mechanics crouching near cave spikes causes the Thresher to reel in pain after trying to slam the player. Allowing you some quality dps time for 10 seconds or a breather.

One armored metallic resurface which can be done with corrosive frost… It slowly regenerates, radiating or electrifying the boss stops this or the Preperation Helix launcher as a Bonus to do this part faster than normal.

One electrically shielded resurface you must get rid of shield it is electrically immune. It slowly constantly regenerates. Burning or freezing stops its regeneration.

One fire immune fire phase. It regenerates slowly
Cryo stops the regeneration.

Ultimately if you do alot of damage the regeneration wont matter as much to you.

There are 4 Blinkey Falling phases no matter what. This includes. Two noticeable Black slag looking tentacles. Shooting them does increased damage but. Blinkey will fall and the thrrsher will target tgen Vault hunters. Doing enough damage will cause the black tentacles to dissappear individually. While they are up they slap at the player for a chunk. The player gets slagged when hit.

The tentacles are fast and accurate but do low damage the slag stacks up on you. They will hit you. So its a gear check for some kind of damage resistance. A small minimum. Being slagged increases damage you do and damage to you for this encounter.

Whenever Blinkey gets up he charges the Thresher knocking him down for 15 seconds. The tentacles used to grab his leggs must die for him to get they hold him down.

Tenctacles slain. Drops ammo. Is considered.
Normal mobs.

Once the boss is slain blinkey headbytta it cave shakes spikes fall it slinks away and skirts to the water area…very fast. Because its moving so fast blinkeys explosive spikes spaw. And track down the thresher. From a distance you see them bombard the thresher and it explodes and loot flies out


Story ends with Jakob being adopted by wainwright and hammerlock.

Post campaign

Captain atlas the Invincible.

Revisiting the Desert area while not under a quest will let you fight captain atlas… Youll find out someone has stolen the vehicle from Sailor Promethea and we’ve gotta stop this ultimate amalgamation of technology… Very few pillars which normally are gone because of the creature are back…alot of open space. It flys… It hovers… It goes to tank treads
. it walks… And punches like capn uranus… It goes to tank mode…

It explodes. Destroying certain parts is nessasary to kill it eventually leading it to being the base

Each itteration is a Guy trying the different arsenals it gets till you disable them… Alot of hp. Armor shields varying parts.
It spawns mini bots for fyyl and ammo.

Also. You definitely will die Srsly srs.

Basically you fight the son Of terramorphous. SOT Instead of blinkey there are stalkers who will attack but hardly do damage to damage to the boss.

Their spawning is random and thr only one that can distract and suevive isnthe badass variety.

Extra mechanics for ceiling spikes which About 5 ceiling. Spike areas you can Shoot and down the boss. For a breath of air and dps race

Long slow.encounter like his daddy. Is a dsfinite gear check for.damage resistance.


First of…congrats on shoving so many ideas together (awesome, dude!) :+1:
Your Chimera— the one night stand betwen a Rhino, Rakk Hive and Tardigrade = :exploding_head:
Now that’s a motherf*****g beast!!!
And a rematch with Terramorphous Junior? Count me in! I’ll bring the booze right away! :partying_face:

Oh, I’m spitballing here but what about a special sidequest?
Here me out… Ever saw the Monty Python, “mosquito hunting sketch”? Where two hunters use overwhelming force against one tinny mosquito (ya know, rocket launchers, 50 cal. machineguns, grenades, napalm…the ussuall hunting gear! :crazy_face:).

So imagine this…Salvador give’s you this quest to dispose some trash that arived on Pandora. For that pourpouse he sends you a space shuttle containing special equipment, build for this hunt in particular. You follow the shuttle to its landing/crash zone, kill bunch of stuff. You pick up a special DAHL experimental rifle- a hybrid betwen assault rifle and heavy sniper rifle (modeled by the Barrett M82 but replace the barrel with railings to get a railgun!) switching betwen weapon forms by pressing the alternet fire button. Now your ready to hunt one of the most obnocious, pathetic, pretencious parasites to ever ruin the universe…Hipsters!
And you get to slaugther them all :grin:!
The quest can be called “Salvador’s great hipster hunt”.
And some quotes from Sal:
-“There they are! BLOW THEIR BEARDS OFF!!!” (When found the said hipsters)
-"That’s what you get for ruining tatoo’s and beards, pendejos!" (When killing hipsters)
-“You can take your disgusting craft beer and shove it up your -//signal lost//- , comprende?” (When nearly done killing hipsters)

Hey, we can dream, can we? :wink:

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Id actually fit it in the beginning…it can work!

Cuz we need side quest besides the main quest.

You acrually did all the work…just need to shkve it ina map and add good extra jokes for the lines.

Wtf is a microbrew eh?! Who wants tiny beers?!

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Thought of another good one:

Salvador:“Next hipster that’s say’s “ironic” again…KICK HIM IN THE NUTS!!!”

(Vault hunters kick the hipsters in the nuts)
Zane: “Badabommm, motherf****r!”
Moze:“One more Darwin award candidate.”
Fl4k: “Chance of further breeding… 0%.”
Amara: “You will fell this in your next reincarnation!”

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I can so see the lines…approaching hipster camp they do t see us yet… Be cool.

Hipsterbandit 1… Hey you…

Hipster bandit too… I self identify as a non vowel being ok? Use the correct prns.

Hipster elite comes out full neckbeard glasses and ultra skinny arms with a scarf…

“I am beyond the binary i am a hexadecimal being… I am retroactively cancelling myself before im even born… Bow before me…”

Burrito in hand.

Salvador says… Hey kill.that fker! And get me that burrito mang!

Hipster charges… You’re so getting cancelled!

100000% better recieved than Coffe quest

Now we also need some kinda hodunkish overly pride too.

All sortsa hot cousin lines and my brothers my cousin and step son. Type stuff but over thr top beyond…

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Thought up a few more:

How do you drown a hipster?
throw him in the mainstream.

Why Did The Hipster Burn His Tongue?
Because he ate his food before it was cool.

If A Hipster Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?
Yes…but you’ll probably never hear it.

And some additional lines from Sal:
-‘F*****g hipsters and their skinny jeans…Got no circulation but still can’t dance.’
-‘You have to kill them till their dead! If you shoot them in the leg they become hopsters.’
-‘Ugghhh, ever since homeless losers got their new ECHO devices, hipsters have been spreading like horny Skags.’
-‘Wish they used those ugly scarfs to hang themselves.’
-‘Don’t feel pitty for these slimmy duchebags, your doing the universe a favor!’

Some hipster bulls**t lines:
‘Chill out i am only 90 lbs.’
‘Oh You’ll All Be Vintage When I’m Done With You!’
‘Killing is soooooo mainstream now.’

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Ahhhh hipsters could holdl RETRO metal scraps. Which the beast eats…used for the main quest instead of bandits…this is a good idea… There could also be just 8 items they drop or have.

Its b8. Gr8 m8 thats some b8 it’s f8 m8 thats these 8 fit the pl8 m8. Grrat b8 m8 i r8 8 outta 8 .

As a line from the main.
Having salvidor could make.alor.of sense for the hunt too. Gotta fit him in. I wanna see how he fits in the new dlc right now.

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Thanks for giving me a cool idea on the fly.

Posted the result here: Post your own Borderlands 3 gear ideas HERE!

You deserve some credit for it! Keep it up. :+1:

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Oh a minesweeper gone deadly!

Should probably think about loot for this also.

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