Bliss Moments as Deande

Okay so Deande is like my all time favorite character in Battleborn. She is of course my main, and I have to this day played 624 games as her. <3 I figured I’d do something fun here on the forums and leave some of the best feelings you can have playing as Deande.

  1. First would be getting a kill with her holotwin when you’re not even doing anything. <3 (then you taunt because you’re an asshole) hehe

  2. When a Galilea or Boldour is almost dead and they have their shield up. You pop behind them and a quick and easy burst dash finishes them just like that. MUAHAHAHA.

  3. When Benedict is being a little b**** and as soon as he is almost dead he flys off. “Oh no hes too high up and fast” you’d think, but just burst forward with her holo-twin and then do burst dash and xP. DEAD. heheheheeh

  4. Purposely leading people to their demise by running around a corner on low health. Holo-twin and her Ultimate and “Bye Bye!” :smiley:

  5. Watching opponents use their skill on your holo-twin. XD

  6. Using holo-twin to basically get out of any bad situation.

  7. Watching people attack your holo-twin as you stand right behind them watching. :blush:

  8. When her fans turn at just the right moment and clip someone for the kill. :heart_eyes:

  9. Using tons of gear that increases her shield strength. evil laugh You’d only understand if you use Calculated Risk (which you should if you play her) duh…

  10. When someone tries to run as you’re using your Ultimate, but they were just a tiny bit too slow. Awe too bad :frowning:

Those are just some of my best feels with Deande. Leaves your best moments below too! You can be specific or in general like mine.

Also one of the worst feels as Deande is when a little itsy bitsy robot hops in when shes using her ultimate. crooked smile hahahahahahaha what a cute little robot that deserved to die and burn in hell.


When you’re being chased and your opponent thinks they’re going to kill you, but you’re Deande so you turn a corner then wind up your ult, stunlock, and win. SO many times, especially before the universal ult callouts that were dead giveaways.

Setting up kills is always a nice thing to do too, call out a tank about to get stunlocked by your ult then watch as your whole team piles onto them, the best feeling is when you get the kill because you know you deserved it for setting up the stunlock in the first place.


When @Nemosis327 plays her with the rare Ernest skin and gets a triple kill


When you’re doing chaos rumble with the ps4 deande mains


Last night I was on a pub team in Incursion on Overgrowth. Overall skill levels were pretty even, but there was a Rath on the other side that was giving everyone a hard time with CC combos and racking up lots of kills (and yes, quite a few against me). At one point he was at the choke point near our sentry and had taken out one of my teammates. As he started one of his smarmy Rath kill callouts: BOOM! Calculated Risk Burst Dash with a side of extra shield and a Comeback King from behind. Bye bye Rath, and have a taunt for good measure.


Deande best Ernest confirmed

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Now that is a good time. Remember those triple burst dash kills? Wurf

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When Deande tries to ult trap me and I hit her with a Catalytic Smash, then proceed to kill her as she has burned all of her skills failing to kill me.

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…She’s one of my mains, which skin is that?

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You guys are great haha. Deande is so fun to play. :heart_eyes:

Best Deande moment is when she tries to cloak away but you reveal her with your scrap cannon :heart_eyes:

And they say romance is dead <3


Noooo getting revealed sucks :expressionless:

Correction, the best moment is when Deande holds down a target (or several) with Blinkstorm while Whiskey fires an Overdrive clip into their skulls.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

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So @Nemosis327 here is the most devoted Deande player on PS4 (probably across all platforms really). He has around 1500 matches with her at the moment (not sure if that’s counting both PvE and PvP or just PvP) and the next closest is probably about 50. So when Nemo decides to play someone else, we joke that he’s playing Deande with a new skin, in this case he used her “Ernest Skin” and got a triple kill with her.

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well since you brought it up i just hit 1500 last night for matches only. but all those missions are important too.

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together we will purge the matches from Boldur and call in many, many airstrikes.

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Do you guys just sit all day playing Battleborn? How do you have that much time on your hands? Do you ever sleep?

Seriously, do you guys ever play other games?

Not all day. I have a job and work upwards of 45 hours a week.

We all have the same amount of time on our hands.

What is sleep?

I play other games, I just don’t play many. Right now I’m alternating between Nioh and Battleborn.

I mean, look at Nemosis. That much time?

I have about the same time spent on this game and Nemo actually works more than I do.