Bliss Moments as Deande

How many hour is that?

I’m away from my console right now. Give me a few hours and I’ll upload a screenshot.

What I’m impressed by is not the amount of matches, but the ability to even find them. I’ve got about 1k hours of Battleborn, about 300-400 of which were actually spent playing. I’d wager around 50-80 hours spent idling.

:’) That play time ratio always makes me cry a little inside.

actually i do have a life. it usually consists of a 60 hour work week and minimal human interaction. And for the moment Im heavy into horizon zero dawn but I haven’t left BB behind.

I recently just broke 700 hours on this game total, but my pride is with Deande and so it’s her stats im concerned with the most.

pay no mind to all those deaths. they come packaged with all the PVE. and i still dont have a penta with her although ive come close a few times.

im guessing you are on pc then? that sounds depressing. at one point i was thinking of picking up the game for PC but i dont really know what I would do with myself if I spent that much time waiting. and I dont have my gear.

As someone who has literally sold their soul to Deande, I agree with this thread, 101%. I always get that sense of satisfaction whenever one of those things happen. They’re pure gold. :yellow_heart:

Here’s a few others that I always revel at:

  • When you score a crit with a Calculated Risk Burst Dash on a squishy character. You then maniacally laugh as a single extra melee hit kills them outright.

  • When you make a clutch escape with drop kick when you’re on minuscule health and then act all smug because you got away.

  • When you play the elusive Deande and drop kick/Holotwin jump everywhere and everyone wonders where the ■■■■ you just went. It hilarious to watch people aimlessly looking around trying to find you.

When she doesn’t irreparably damage your self esteem by calling you “cute” or “adorable”…

Also when she doesn’t eat your sushi platter! I LABEL MY STUFF FOR A REASON, YOU GUYS!!

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Sorry 'bout that little guy. :3

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Self esteem -1. :disappointed:

It’s okay… Sorry for yelling…

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Levels Berg’s railgun at @Phoenix-2613.

That had BETTER be an “i feel bad now ‘aww’”, and NOT an “he’s so C-word ‘aww’”!! I MEAN IT!!

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Toby is a cute lil fella.



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Okay, okay, chill out. As I’ve said before, I know you’re more than capable on the battlefield… :wink:

…but that doesn’t change facts. :penguin::heart:


Oh… S-Sorry… Thank you for the compliment!

Oh, GOSH! I got worked up, and derailed another thread… SORRY about that!



Here it is.

Hah, you got me. PC… :sweat_smile::sweat:

I picked the game up for PS4 now but I don’t have the money for PS+ atm… The games basically free to play on PC now with the cheapest copies costing around 2€ but on console you still need the premium subscriptions?? @GBX wyd? I already pay for internet do I look like I got money growing off of me god damnit

But the good thing about long queue times is that I get full use out of my Netflix subscription! Ha!


the ps4 queue times are SIGNIFICANTLY better than PC. (also the ps+ is pretty worth it and seems to be less up to gbx on if they choose to use it or not)

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Now you’ve done it, you CAN NOT play another game as Rath! #666

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haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hexa. <3