Bliss Moments as Deande

(Master of Eeveelution) #44

Playing as Deande last night and killing scrubs 100-0 with thrown fans because red bar was pretty satisfying, as was landing the odd Burst Dash kill.

(Grippy) #45


(The Title Master) #46

face-off, just happened to get all the kills, very close to a septa :stuck_out_tongue:

(Grippy) #47

Wow! Cheers to you! :smile:

(The Title Master) #48

Honestly I wouldnt care if i didnt get it, but @Phoenix-2613 was in the game and shes played a load of deande and hasnt got one which why I’m happy about it, she hates me now :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Grippy) #49

That’s great haha. It’s hard getting 4 to 5 kill strikes as Deande. :frowning:

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(Deandes in crime) #50

Pffft. I’m not bothered in the slightest…

Well, maybe I am a little…

Fine. Let’s just leave it at ‘mildly irritated’ shall we?

Nope. You’re right. I’m envious. xD

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(Deandes in crime ) #51

Eh. It’s one of those right place right time things the you can’t really force. I’ll get there when I get there. But even when I do its a pretty poor way to judge skill.

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(The Title Master) #52

Agree completely, it was just pure luck for me. I definitely don’t judge skill as you are 10x better as deande than i am!

(Deandes in crime) #53

In all fairness though, it’s difficult to get penta kills with any character, let alone hexa kills with Deande, so kudos to you.

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My favorite Deande moments are for when I catch one low health using Blink Storm, I run up behind her and wait for her to teleport back only to chomp her to death. So beautiful. :cry:

(Deandes in crime) #55

Or better yet, if she’s full health, I ult her back and let my team do the rest. Gotta take advantage of that self stun. xD

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