Block a Toon suggestion

So reading the forums and seeing it first hand today I understand why some people want some toons nerfed. Which gave me an Idea what if you made it so we could block upto 3 toons before we Que for PVP or even PVE I suppose and when it randomly searches for players it will leave out players who chose to not also block those toons. for this to work you would have to chose your toons ahead of time though.

I played Miko today the little healer guy and I was healing Thorn the archer guy and some toon female melee kept trying to kill Thorn for a good while before the player finally figured out they need to kill me first. Thorn did almost no damage to the Female melee toon. Not sure what the toons name is havent unlocked her yet. Point is she seemed over powered to me lol. 2v1 and she beat us both and took her sweet sweet time doing it lol.

Got ya moved to the general discussion and feedback category.


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Was she using a sword and shield? Try describing this toon and we can probably figure out who you’re talking about.

Let me guess, chick in green armor with a sword and shield? If yes, that’s Galilea and she is widely considered OP and will probably be nerfed come release.

Personally, I think the option to ban characters should be something reserved for tournaments/events, not regular play. If it was in regular play there would develop a meta over who should be banned and you’d just never get to play some characters.


Sounds about right yeah. well thats good they will be nerfing. The blocking thing would just be a way for players to continue to enjoy the game while the nerf is in the works. Also it wouldnt ban the toon people who still want to use her will just end up in matches with people also using her most likely. People also do premades.