Block other players from being matched with you

Nobody likes a troll. Even less people like being matched with someone that they know is only there to troll, grief and/or just make the game miserable for others.

I spent twenty minutes jumping in and out of matchmaking on Chaos Rumble 'cos I kept getting matched in with the same guy. Never picked a character, remained AFK the whole match, and played some ■■■■■■■■ faux-RNB over his voice chat (up til I muted them anyway.) I stopped playing because they were always in the queue, and always matched with me. :confused:

I reported them (obviously), blocked them on Steam, but they still got matched in the same group with me over and over. Halp. :frowning:


Yeah there was this kid ultra and Benedict yesterday kept messing up our games.

I say kid ultra and Benedict because everytime we would match with them they would immediately disconnect if they didn’t get their characters. This would cause the game to just end as soon as the match started.

Happened a few times in a row until my brother politely asked them to stop via PSN message and then we didn’t get matched with them anymore.

Can you do this (block specific people) in other games?

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You can in Overwatch. Blocking another player prevents you from being matched up with them again - at least it does as far as I can see. You do have to leave the current match-up for it to take effect but I’ve not seen anyone I’ve previously blocked for griefing or generally being an obnoxious ■■■■ come up again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still <3 Battleborn so hard though.

Have fun finding a match if someone blocks you o7

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The playerbase is way too small.



Poor PC BB…

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When I block players on Xbox I tend to not get matched with them ever again. That’s what I’ve noticed before I stopped playing this game.

That would be cool if we could block, just to block cheaters though. Encountering the same cheaters again and again is annoying. If you were not attentive at who was grouped during the queue, you’re stuck in a match with him.

everyone on pc’s like “yeah there are cheaters luckily i know them all by name” and im here…?? what cheaters?

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Hanif is the first that comes to mind (because of how many time I encountered him).
Reported hundred of times by tons of players across several months, was still encountering him. Hasn’t seen him recently though, maybe he finally stopped.

Ah, but he doesn’t use cheats per se so I didn’t make the connection :stuck_out_tongue:
It may be he’s stopped playing! We can always hope!

he’s cheating, no matter how he’s doing it.
I’ve encountered a few real aimbot too. Haven’t really in a while though, but that would have been useful earlier.

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It doesn’t in Overwatch

I blocked a guy who only char was Bastion in Competitive, only played Bastion despite the team comp. He got picked off so many times and we lost so bad to the point I couldn’t take it and blocked him. But behold, he’s on my team in the next game. I was so angry as I know were we gonna lose…which we did (Went Bastion on Li Xiang Tower).

Funny story, another Bastion main (went from SR 3,700 to 3,100) joined my team in a high diamond/master match, and the top 500 on our team insta locked Bastion and I was confused as hell. Turns out he was picking Bastion to try and force the Bastion main to use someone else as two of our teammates played with the guy on numberous occasions. Theyt already said we’re gonna lose and was ready to accept it lmao.

Did you leave the matched group between games though? I’ve noticed it doesn’t do anything if you block them without leaving that game and re-queueing.

He’s right. I got blocked by a member of this Darth clan/mob that rolled together on xbone cause I taunted him too much with benny and I haven’t seen him ever since and he’s a usual player, one of the dailies.

It was afterwards