Blockade Question

Hello everybody, does anybody know whether the blockade is bugged at 38% damage reduction, as the wiki states? I always thought that the blockade was meant to have higher than 38% damage reduction. If it is bugged, why isn’t patched by now? Maybe somebody out there knows for sure because I’m just curious.

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it has not been patched, only the devs know why.



That’s MOTHERF***ING funny!

But seriously it would be nice if there was a thread that lists currently bugged items with what the stats should be/what they currently are and the likelihood of them being fixed.

I understand if it is an impossibility BECAUSE OF MOTHERF***ING LEGAL REASONS!

I had no idea the blockade was bugged to max at 38% damage reduction. Odd because my antagonist always feels so much easier to break than my blockade and that has reduction somewhere in the 40%s

AFAIK the antagonist’s damage resist applies specifically to enemy bullets whereas the blockade flat resists everything.

A quick test with on my Axton with a quasar on myself. With the blockade I had about 85% HP remaining. With the antagonist (perfect 49% reduction) I had about 15% HP remaining. My antagonist even has 170 000 more capacity than the blockade.

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Try the Online Play and Trading section for your platform.

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Thanks I completely forgot the antagonist is about billet deflection and didn’t know the damage reduction was based on that. Makes sense now though

The Blockade has always been a topic of discussion…

Seems it has that flat 38% in all instances no matter what and no one has really demonstrated (that I know of) the so called “lesser damage reduction” capability. It just kind of sits on 38% regardless of the situation to the best of my knowledge.

But oh that 38%!!!

It is just sooooooo wonderful.

I love the Blockade…No… I LOVE the Blockade.

Please don’t patch or mess with it GB…please.